Contact center software. Which one should I choose? Although customer service through incoming (and outgoing) calls in call centers continues to be a very important channel, it is important to highlight that digital transformation and the use of new technologies have changed customer’s puchase habits.

This digitization, which gives users a new “power” when managing their relationship with contact centers (for example, through self-service), makes it necessary to use a customer service management software to match a company’s customers needs: a good service that is agile and satisfies their problems.

In this seemingly complex scenario, choosing the right software can seem like a complicated task. In this post we explain which contact center software to choose and how to do it. Do you want to know more? Keep reading!

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Contact center software: Which one should I choose?

Before a company chooses one contact center software or another, in the first place, and as users do, it must take into account two aspects:

  • Price: cost is a very important factor in business strategy, as it is an investment whose medium-term objective is clear: to generate profits. In this sense, the price depends on factors such as training costs, application fees, price per agent or number of features.
  • Customer reviews: In this sense, reviews can help a company identify pros and cons of contact center software.

Contact center software: Which feature should include?

After a company has weighed the points mentioned in the previous paragraph, the next step has to do with, precisely, the functionalities that a contact center software must have. For example:

  • Customer relationship management and analysis of their purchasing behavior. Or what is the same, integration with a CRM.
  • How many communication channels are included? A software that allows us to integrate everything in an agile way is, without a doubt, a very important factor. Especially considering how the use of different social media channels (WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, email, etc.) is on the rise.
  • Monitoring of KPIs or contact center metrics: the main objective of a call center or a contact center is none other than to offer good customer service in order to sell products or services.
  • Features: These include the most basic —also within call center solutions—, such as call volume control, call management and databases or call transfers, to more specific ones such as the possibility of integrating chatbots, use of AI (artificial intelligence) or social media and email. In other words, characteristics that make up the omnichannel strategy, which we have already talked about on many occasions and we will not get tired of doing so due to its importance.

Contact center software EVOLUTION, a qualitative leap for your company

An omnichannel contact center software like EVOLUTION is essential to integrate omnichannel with full guarantees of success.

Do you want to know how EVOLUTION can help you? Contact us and request a demo!


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