Real Omnichannel. Real Results.

Manage campaigns and contacts across all your channels in a single application with a universal queue to maximize your agents utilization rate.


Live chat

Interact in real time

The fastest way to connect with your prospects and customers on your website! Don’t let your visitors escape and catch them when they are most likely to buy.

Omnichannel software

With the EVOLUTION omnichannel software, your leads are easy to reach on your website and your existing customers benefit from an additional real-time channel to get service. Help them do business with you!

No limitations

Live chat isn’t limited to a text conversation. With the EVOLUTION software you can also use video chat and even escalate to a call if needed.

Social networks

Similar to social networks, live chat channels reduce average handling times as they allow agents to deal with multiple queries at the same time.

How did you do?

Find out straight after the interaction by letting your visitor evaluate your service and apply the feedback to your improvement plan.

Social Customer Service

The key to unlocking a millennials fan base

Interact with your customers on Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram completely integrated in your omnichannel contact center.


Social Customer Service is exploding and for your business it means a quicker answer, a more natural conversation, the ability to serve multiple customers at the same time and reduced AHT.

Route social media

Whether your consumers prefer Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter or Telegram, the EVOLUTION software will route social media contacts through the universal queue and follow the contact distribution rules you’ve defined.

360 view of interactions

This 360 view of interactions for each customer will also allow your agents to feel more confident and productive when they deal with queries.


Impress your customers with a lightning-fast email response

Respond better and faster to a larger volume of emails, with personalised and unified communications. Sounds too good to be true? EVOLUTION makes it a reality!

Suited agents

Receive, route and assign inbound email contacts efficiently to the best suited agents.

Increase agent productivity

Templates are also a great way to reduce response times and increase agent productivity.

Customer service advisor

Customer service advisors can use pre-approved templates to provide a consistent message, with no typo errors and offering a unified image of your business.

Email analyzer

You can also analyze the content of the messages received and configure automated responses to deflect traffic as well as improve First Contact Resolution by providing the most relevant answers automatically.