Real Omnichannel. Real Results.

Manage campaigns and contacts across all your channels in a single application with a universal queue to maximize your agents utilization rate.



Customers want to talk to a person: make it easy for them

The human voice is a powerful problem-solving tool, and it is still the most preferred contact channel for customers.

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Automated Call Distribution (ACD)

With ACD you will always find the most suitable agent for each interaction. Increase the service quality and reduce agent burn-out.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Reduce costs with efficient voice self-service and dedicate agents to those tasks where they add most value.

Omnnichannel Blending

Attend different services through the different channels, with absolute control of each interaction, without losing the thread and improving the KPIs of your contact center.


Increase your sales with EVOLUTION's powerful dialer

Predictive, Progressive, Preview and Agentless dialing are the four dialing modes that will help your agents improve their productivity and final outcomes.

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Maximum effectiveness

Call the most interested leads whenever they want to be contacted, and don’t miss any business opportunity!

Call Progress Analysis

Make your agents speak with customers as long as possible and increase the odds of selling, so they don’t waste time sorting unproductive calls.

Each interaction matters

Thanks to EVOLUTION’s profile management you will be able to assign the most suitable agents for your best clients.


Chat | Live Chat & Chatbot

Interact in real time

The fastest way to connect with your prospects and customers on your website! Don’t let your visitors escape and catch them when they are most likely to buy.

Live Chat

Link with your customers on your website offering them real-time assistance via text, call or video. Help your customers buy or guide them where they need to go.


You will be available to your customers 24/7. With Chatbot you can focus on the different business goals: lead generation, FAQs, customer service, feedback and more.

Omnichannel software

With EVOLUTION you can integrate Live Chat and Chatbot, and complete transactions through other channels such as Voice or Email, according to the preferences of your customers.

How did you do?

Find it out immediately after the interaction, allowing your customers to evaluate the service and thus have their opinion to execute your improvement plan.

Social Customer Service

The key to unlocking a millennials fan base

Interact with your customers on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Twitter, completely integrated in your omnichannel contact center.

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Fluid conversations

Reduced interaction time, more natural conversation, attention to several customers at the same time… are just some of the advantages of Social Customer Service.

Perfect match between clients and agents

Whether your consumers prefer WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Twitter, EVOLUTION will route social media contacts through the universal queue and follow the contact distribution rules you’ve defined.

360º view of interactions

This 360º view will allow your agents to feel more confident and productive when they deal with queries, since they will have visible all the communication history of each customer.


Impress your customers with a lightning-fast email response

Respond better and faster to a larger volume of emails, with personalised and unified communications. Sounds too good to be true? EVOLUTION makes it a reality!

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Suited agents

Receive, route and assign inbound email contacts efficiently to the best suited agents.

Increase agent productivity

Your agents will be provided with default response templates to deliver consistent, coherent responses no matter who the assigned agent is.

Email analyzer

You can also analyze the content of the messages received and configure automated responses to deflect traffic as well as improve First Contact Resolution by providing the most relevant answers automatically.