Want to integrate a CRM in your contact center? A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a system whose objective is to manage not only the relationship of our company with its customers but also their purchasing behavior. A CRM mainly intervenes in two areas of a company: sales and marketing. Contrary to what many people think, a CRM is not only a database, it is also a very powerful tool to have a comprehensive vision that allows us to obtain a deep knowledge of our clients.

Integrating a CRM into your contact center software is essential due to the many advantages it can provide in the relationship with customers. You want to know more? In this post we tell you five advantages of integrating a CRM in your contact center software.

Five advantages of integrating a CRM in your contact center software

Although there are many more, today we want to highlight five benefits of integrating CRM software in your contact center. An integration that, if done from the outset, can be a very important competitive advantage in the medium and long term:

Personalized attention

The data is clear to us: 81% of consumers want the brands they buy to know them. Integrating a CRM in our contact center allows us, for example, to have data from our clients from the first moment. It is data that, thanks to the CRM functionalities, can be presented in a pop-up window.

In addition to this, the use of CRM allows your agents to immediately know the user’s history (previous inquiries and transactions), which will allow offering a much more personalized customer service and, obviously, increasing the satisfaction of both parties (customer and operator).


Team organization

The integration of a CRM in your contact center software streamlines the work of your operators. The combination of a good CRM and contact center software such as ICR Evolution’s customer service software increases First Contact Resolution, reduces agent burn-out and cost per lead thanks to the Call Progress Analysis (CPA) functionalities as your contacts spend less time waiting for a useful contact.

Storage and processing of data information

Capture information or comments about your customers in real time from the moment the first contact takes place. Integrating a solution such as a CRM in your contact center involves a complete digital transformation, since it allows any worker to access a centralized database.

This way, everyone can add or update customer information. Almost without realizing it, your company is acquiring a deeper and more detailed knowledge of the clients to carry out the appropriate follow-up.

This storage of information can also help you, for example, carry out regular audits or review specific cases (for example, complaints).

Create lists for lead campaigns

The integration of a CRM is very useful when generating digital lead capture campaigns: every time you receive an incoming call from a lead or potential customer, the contact is registered in the database of your contact center thanks to the use of CRM. This allows the data of this lead to be inserted in lists according to different criteria (for example, high priority so that the most recent leads are the first to be contacted), increasing the possibilities of closing or solving the problem with greater agility.


All the information about your leads is automatically stored in the cloud (what we know as Cloud Contact Centers), which translates into greater optimization and reduction of the time invested. Call center software such as ICR Evolution supports different standards and protocols, designed to minimize possible risks to the infrastructure or information, identifying and eliminating vulnerabilities.

CRM and contact center: discover how our ICR Evolution software can help you

In this post we have given you five reasons but, as we say, there could be many more. All of them can be summarized in one sentence: the union of the CRM with the contact center is key because it allows us to obtain a more comprehensive view of our clients.

Do you need to manage campaigns and contacts from all your customer service channels? Discover our ICR Evolution omnichannel contact center software. The (R) evolution begins!


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