5 contact center metrics for customer service. In any company it is essential to take care of customer satisfaction when offering any product or service. If it is already important in any company, imagine when we talk about the call center sector. As in the rest of the departments, a Contact Center must also create and carry out a strategy so that this customer service is effective.

Now, is it possible to measure if said strategy is useful for the interests of a company? Does any tool help determine if the work of our agents is really being effective? The answer is yes and it can be summed up in one word: metrics. For this reason, in this post today we want to talk about five customer service metrics. Do you want to know more? Keep reading!

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Contact center metrics: what are metrics and why is it important to analyze them?

Before entering fully into specific metrics, it is necessary to define what we mean when we speak precisely of metrics. Contact center metrics are those data that a company uses to measure and analyze the performance and performance of its agents.

In this way, analyzing the KPIs or contact center metrics should always be part of the strategy of any company that has customer service as one of its priorities.

Contact center metrics: 5 metrics to measure customer experience

In this sense, and with the aim of knowing the most suitable metrics to improve contact center customer service, today we want to show you five that, for us, are fundamental:

1. Client satisfation

Undoubtedly, customer satisfaction is an essential metric to measure precisely how customers feel about their experience with a company. Thanks to indicators such as the Net Promoter Score (NPS), it is shown how the Customer Experience helps to achieve the objectives of the companies. In this way it is easier and more effective to determine if the strategies and offers are effective or not.

2. First call resolution (FCR)

First Contact Resolution is, without a doubt, one of the fundamental metrics when analyzing performance in a contact center. As its name suggests, the FCR is used to measure the percentage of calls resolved on the first contact.

Maintaining an FCR rate is crucial to reduce the volume of repeated calls, as well as reduce service costs

Calculating First Call Resolution Rate is as simple as following a formula:

FCR = cases resolved on the first call / number of calls received

3. Abandon rate

By abandon rate we understand the percentage of calls that the customer abandons or ends without having reached the end of the product or service purchase process. Analyzing this percentage, a company can determine customer satisfaction in aspects such as waiting times or the experience in the call with the agent.

Knowing and monitoring the abandon rate is essential for a contact center, since it may also indicate that the staff of a call center suffers from burnout syndrome and is not fully motivated to provide prompt and effective customer service.

4. Average Operating Time (AOT)

The Average Operating Time or average assistance time shows us the duration time between the customer service agents in a contact center and the users. The duration time is inversely proportional to the effectiveness of the service. And not only that, it is also closely related to the churn rate.

5. Disponibilidad para llamadas

Availability for calls is a KPI used to measure how often contact center agents are available to serve users. We say calls as we can also refer to social networks or email in a contact center.


Contact center metrics: discover how our software EVOLUTION can help you

In short, all these customer service metrics must be taken into account when caring for, monitoring and improving customer satisfaction. There is no specific number of metrics, but these must be aligned with the company’s objectives.

If you want to improve the customer service experience and the performance of your agents, trust ICR Evolution. With our contact center software EVOLUTION you will have easy access to the necessary information to monitor the operation of your contact center and make the necessary adjustments to maintain your service levels.

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