Increase your contact rate and maximize your agents’ productivity

Take your sales to the next level using the different types of dialers available with EVOLUTION and maximize agent productivity.

Dialing modes

Contact more and sell more with multiple dialing modes

Reach out to your leads when they are at their peak of interest and when they want to be contacted. Don’t waste a single business opportunity!

With a wide range of outbound dialing modes available, your campaigns will be more productive and agents more motivated.

Predictive dialer

We have designed predictive algorithms to automatically adjust dialing so that your agents spend more time actually speaking to leads and customers.

Progressive dialer

Automated outbound dialing avoids wastage as EVOLUTION detects dead calls and categorizes numbers to be dialed again later, based on your configuration.

Preview dialer

Some outbound campaigns deserve special attention. With preview, the agent decides when the call is made and can see all the necessary information prior to making the call to have an opportunity to prepare and make an impact.

Agentless mode

An additional mode for your outbound campaigns. The EVOLUTION software will automatically launch calls that will link to an IVR service you define when they’re answered, without using any human resource.

Skills Outbound

Your best agents for your best customers with Skills Outbound by EVOLUTION

Manage agent profiles based on their skills so that you can assign your best customers to your best agents.

Make every contact count!

Call Progress Analysis

Increased outbound campaign productivity

Don’t keep your workforce waiting for a useful contact and let them spend as much time as possible actually speaking to leads to increase conversion, rather than wasting effort categorizing dead-end calls.

More efficient agents

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