Omnichannel contact center: keys to empathize with the customer through digital channels. Little remains of those times when a customer went, as a first option, to a physical store to purchase products and services or solve problems related to the purchase process.

The digital transformation has “transformed” —and never better said— the customers needs. Users that are now looking for a type of customer service that is practically 100% digital and communicate with companies through communication channels that are also digital.

In this context, the omnichannel experience becomes something basic that all contact centers must pay attention to when providing adequate customer service and empathizing with them with one goal: to offer the best purchase experience. What is an omnichannel contact center and how to empathize with customers through digital channels? Find below the answer!

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Omnicanalidad en contact center: what is it?

Omnichannel is a concept that we can summarize as that global marketing strategy for customer service through different communication channels. In an omnichannel strategy, the user is the center of the company.

However, it is important not to confuse omnichannel and multichannel:

  • Multichannel refers to the presence of a company in the different channels. Channels that, in a certain way, are independent and usually work with different objectives.
  • Omnichannel, on the other hand, seeks contact with users following a unified marketing strategy.

In other words, in an omnichannel strategy, with the customer at the center of the company, success goes far beyond the acquisition of a product or service. Now, success is measured in terms such as satisfaction, loyalty or the user becoming a prescriber of the company. And this is where digital communication channels take on maximum importance.

Omnicanalidad en contact center: digital channels and numbers in 2022

When we talk about digital channels we refer to Whatsapp and Telegram, social media such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter or Instagram or other more conventional ones such as email.

With the data from Hootsuite’s 2021 digital report on the table, in which we see that 80% of people in Spain are active users of social media channels, it is clear that companies that in 2022 have not yet integrated social media into their customer service strategy will be clearly affected.

Hence, taking into account this digital context, having a good omnichannel strategy is absolutely necessary for the short, medium and long-term success of a company.

Omnicanalidad en contact center: 360º attention, key for the customer experience

Continuing with the previous point, integrating the omnichannel strategy when serving customers is important because, in the midst of the Digital Customer Experience era, in most cases they will bet on self-service in the contact center.

In this way, and despite the fact that the client’s needs are still similar to those that they already had in the offline context, the difference is now found in the “how“. Now are the customers who decide how, when and what kind of experience they want when contacting contact center agents. And this is where the agent plays a fundamental role in capturing leads or potential customers and keeping existing ones.

Thus, we can establish different keys to empathize with these customers and build loyalty. All of them, rely on knowing how to integrate them properly in our company. And the solution for this is clear: having a good omnichannel software for the contact center. Some of the keys are:

  • Integrate a live chat to communicate and interact in real time and in a close and personalized way
  • It is precisely in this customization that the new role of agents comes into action. Now, with the aforementioned self-service, they acquire a higher quality paper, feel more motivated and offer the user a more emotional and decisive service.
  • Analyze and “capture” all the possible information of the users with whom they contact throughout the customer journey to approach them knowing their stories and effectively attending to their needs and preferences. Once again: personalization of the service
  • Active listening, essential for users to have a positive experience and remain with us. As we have previously said: it costs much more to get new customers than to retain existing ones.

Discover how our contact center software can help you

Our omnichannel contact center software EVOLUTION will allow you to manage campaigns and contacts from all your customer service channels in a single application in an agile and simple way:

  • Live chat
  • Customer service in social media
  • E-mail

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