Why integrate Whatsapp or Telegram in a contact center? By now we are all clear about the importance of social media, email and instant messaging apps. And we are not only talking on a personal level, but also on a professional level. More and more companies are integrating instant messaging apps to contact and meet customer needs. Either on their own initiative or because they did not want to get off the market, they integrate different instant messaging apps into their day-to-day activities to contact and satisfy the needs of customers.

The world of contact centers is no stranger to this situation: in this sector, providing good customer service is much easier if your contact center software has a messaging app. An agile, direct, fluid service where First Contact Resolution is the norm. Today we want to talk about two of them: WhatsApp and Telegram. Different, each of them with its particularities, but with a very important result: improve customer satisfaction in your contact center. You want to know why? Keep reading!

Contact center: why integrate messaging applications to improve the customer experience?

Gone are the days when the only channel between an agent and a user was a phone call. It is even possible to start imagining that scene with the typical sepia tone of old photos. Jokes aside, what is clear is that the new generations (especially the so-called Generation Z or Centennials) cannot conceive of a world without the internet, apps or the well-known scroll down.

Voice calls are losing strength to the benefit of new channels that, in terms of time and resources, are much cheaper. And the forecasts for this 2022? The number of users worldwide using messaging apps to communicate is expected to reach 3 billion.

Do you want another piece of information? According to a recent report by the American consulting firm Gartner, by 2025, 80% of companies will have abandoned native or traditional mobile applications to switch to messaging apps for a very simple reason: better customer service management.

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Contact center: why WhatsApp and Telegram are synonyms of success

It is clear that betting on the integration of both applications within the omnichannel strategy of a call center is synonymous of success for several reasons:

  • Much more natural conversation: WhatsApp and Telegram allow a much more relaxed and friendly dialogue (whether a user connects with a chatbot or with an agent). A closeness that allows companies (always depending on the type of sector they are in), to interact using emojis for a more natural conversation. Precisely this close dialogue provides that much-needed contact when interacting with a brand and helps achieve the ultimate goal: to sell products and services.
  • More agile service and attention: we live in an era where time is money and users expect to solve their problems in the shortest possible time and without waiting. Imagine the importance when we talk about customer service in the contact center service: greater speed of response and resolution is synonym of loyalty.
  • Convenience: including Whatsapp and Telegram in an omnichannel contact center software is a plus of comfort for users, who do not have to be glued to the phone waiting for an immediate response. We already do it personally: many times we write and “abandon” a conversation while we carry out other tasks and wait for a response from a company. This asynchrony of messaging apps is very convenient for users.
  • Security: surely you have asked yourself this question: can messaging apps read my messages? The answer is no, and it all boils down to one sentence: virtually invulnerable end-to-end encryption. This greatly reassures users. By contacting through these apps, they ensure that their data or the conversation they have will be secure and 100% confidential. In the case of Telegram, in addition, the app allows communication without having to provide data or phone numbers.

Contact center: ¿WhatsApp or Telegram?

At this point, you may be wondering which one is more suitable for customer service in a contact center. It is convenient to have both in order to reach the largest possible number of users, since not everyone regularly uses both.

  • In terms of number of users, at the moment WhatsApp remains the most popular and wins by a landslide: 2 billion users worldwide compared to 500 million Telegram.
  • Group management is more developed in Telegram, which is very beneficial in marketing campaigns when we talk in terms of segmentation and dissemination.

Omnichannel software EVOLUTION for contact center

Omnichannel is no longer an option for companies when it comes to offering good customer service, but rather an obligation. Having good contact center software that integrates the different messaging apps is key to interacting and connecting with users from the first moment.

Find out how our omnichannel software EVOLUTION can help you. Request a demo here!


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