Enjoy the best service as a client

As an ICR Evolution client, you won’t just reap the benefits of a high-quality omnichannel solution for your contact center. You will also receive the support you need for your process transformation and we’ll walk with you with our premium training and support.

Gabi Navarro
CEO of ICR Evolution

Proximity and professionalism

We work with a global network of experienced Partners who distribute our solution to end customers. We’ll match you with the best-suited Partner depending on your needs to make sure you have the best experience.

Our Partners are certified and have a lot of experience in deploying the EVOLUTION software. They package their implementation and managed services together with the licences.

Rapid contracting process

Getting started with ICR Evolution is super easy. Our distribution Partners are the ones who will handle the licencing process for the agents you need as well as the overall contract, with the best value for money in the market.

We include all inbound care channels by default in our standard licence. Outbound dialing and agentless modes are optional.

Transform your contact center

We carefully select Partners who are able to provide contact center transformation services as well as managed services. Their value proposition includes everything you need from advisory, process design, implementation and integration through to maintenance and version upgrades.

The ICR Evolution technical support team is constantly in touch with Partners to keep them up to date with everything and help with more complex queries.

Resources for you

Download our free eBook about the Customer Journey in the Contact Center. It will help you understand what your customers feel, think and do at each touch point with your company.

HM Hospitales is a leading patient care group in Spain with a dozen hospitals across the country. This project relies on a relationship based on trust that has been ongoing since 2017 between ICR Evolution, its certified partner trueIT and the client.