Customer self-service in the call center. Much has changed in recent times. A few years ago it seemed impossible that self-service in customer service had weight in any call center – there was even a certain reluctance to do so. The situation is totally different now and self-service is not only normalized but has also become a key factor in the customer experience.

Today we want to talk to you about user self-service and why it is so important today in the call center. Do you want to know more? Keep reading!

Call center: what is self-service?

The definition of self-service is as simple as its name suggests: it is that type of online support to customers that does not require direct interactions with an agent, so that users can resolve their queries themselves.

Gone are the days when the only channel in the call center or contact center was the phone call: currently, 40% of customers prefer self-service compared to 60% who still opt for human contact with agents. A self-service that for many companies also includes the value of investments in IVR or Interactive Voice Response.

Call center: why self-service is important for customer service

The current era in which we live is known as the era of the customer and it is no wonder: the Digital Customer Experience is a key element within the current context of digital transformation of companies.

There are many reasons why user self-service is essential in a call center. For example:

User empowerment

In this age of the consumer, it is the customer who decides how and when to contact a company. That is, they have the ability and power to define what kind of experience they want to receive.

The evolution of technologies and websites increasingly oriented precisely to offer an adequate user experience are perfect scenarios for the customer to carry out this self-service. However, are the companies themselves that have to ensure that customers receive exceptional service and, above all, agile in their resolution.


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New role of customer service agents

In this new scenario, with users managing their own experience much more during their Customer Journey, the role of call center agents has also evolved: they are no longer mere recipients of any type of call, their role must be focused — more and more — on attending more complex problems. What means: less routine and higher quality work (in this way, burnout syndrome is also avoided by not having to deal with simple, repetitive and less valuable tasks)

The perfect solution to face self-service with guarantees is to have a suitable call center software. Do you know the chatbot option of our software EVOLUTION? A revolution in your contact center that will allow you to design interactive experiences for web and mobile. Simple, intuitive and with which you will obtain both the satisfaction of your clients and increase the productivity of your agents.


We live in the omnichannel era and we cannot forget the importance of having a call center software capable of dealing with  omnichannel. Customers are demanding and seek agile problem resolution, regardless of the channel through which they seek to resolve them. The key is that you never feel like you’re trying too hard. You know: a happy customer always comes back.

Call center: discover how our omnichannel software EVOLUTION can help you

Our EVOLUTION call center software is perfect for tackling this age of consumer and self-service. We do not say it, our clients notice it for many reasons: reduced waiting times, screen pop ups or email response templates that speed up and greatly facilitate the management and resolution of problems.

We have everything you need for an exceptional experience, without friction and fully adapted to the needs of your clients. Do you want to know more? Request a demo of our ICR Evolution contact center software. Begin the (R) evolution!


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