Software for debt management

More successful contacts every day and less time waiting for a call thanks to Call Progress Analysis. Four dialing modes and pop-up screen for more efficient agents.

Stop wasting time waiting for your agents to receive useful contacts. With EVOLUTION you will make the most of every minute using the best dialing mode for your debt collection campaign, in turn increasing agent productivity.

Gabi Navarro
CEO of ICR Evolution

Focused agents

What your agents need to do is focus on how they’ll collect the money. The EVOLUTION software takes care of the rest!

With CTI Screen pop-ups, agents can see all the information about the debtor and can review it in due course.

Once the interaction is over, the agent can add note about any promises to pay as well as results and next steps agreed in the conversation.

We wanted to work with a CTI platform that would improve our levels of contact and productivity. With the implementation carried out we can now grow without problems, while being sure that we work with a software that allows us to do so.”

Oriol Cardona – Partner and CTO of CreditMarket

Exponential productivity

Make more contacts and spend less time waiting for a call with our Call Progress Analysis feature. It detects and sets aside voicemails, busy dials, no answer and any other contact that won’t lead to an actual conversation.

Select your preferred dialing mode: predictive, progressive, preview; automated or manual, depending on your campaign type.

For these campaigns where you need to contact a large number of debtors, we also offer an Agentless mode (Call Blasting) where you can launch automated calls using an IVR function. This is a useful feature to inform contacts of the amount of their debt as well as any actions they need to take, without using any human resource.

The EVOLUTION software implementation at Syrsa Group was executed in a few weeks and the total integration including all the functionalities was done in just five weeks.”

Raúl Hernández – Founder partner and COO, Weber Solutions

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