About us

Achieve your highest ambitions

Make the choice of a high quality contact center software with EVOLUTION. We offer the best value for money in the market, unbeatable support and all the benefits of an omnichannel solution.

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Why ICR Evolution

Your success, our mission

We’ll stop at nothing to help you achieve your goals.

Customer-centricity is our heart and soul

We’re there for you every step of the way. We have a light structure with mighty skills and we’re completely obsessed with customer experience. Something we like to infuse both in our solution and the support we give you.

We’re so keen on making sure that our clients are loving the software that we commit ourselves to evaluate all the needs that they transmit to us and transform them into priorities for the next releases of EVOLUTION.

Our values and working culture

At ICR Evolution we develop solutions to improve the experience between companies and their clients.

Our company is made up of people with tons of experience and talent, passionate about our job, who enjoy every day what we do without forgetting work-life balance. We are dynamic and flexible people, open to the world and eager to help.


We show honesty, empathy and accountability. We’re proud to offer a human touch, provided by experts who know who you are.

Customer- obsessed

Our main goal is to ensure our clients succeed in their endeavors. Which is why any improvement to our solution is thought through with a customer-first mindset.


We want to make complicated simple. So we will never bury you in technical jargon and our solution is easy to use.


You have easy access to our leaders and can speak directly to the people who develop the software. We have a flat structure and your feedback is what matters most.


You’re not just one more client to us, you’re family. We show you the patience, affection and respect you deserve. And yes, sometimes that means a little gumption too!


Forget complex technical chatter, we’re all about transparency and humility. We are committed to being truthful and direct, you’re the one in control.

We are ICR Evolution

We’re ICR Evolution, we make software for contact centers. Our team is full of talented and passionate people, who are obsessed with customer and employee experience, new technology and enjoying our daily lives.

Just like our omnichannel solution, we are modern, diverse, dynamic and open to the world with a genuine eagerness to help.

Gabi Navarro – CEO

Passionate about technology, business management, my family and open-water swimming. My professional experience in the tech industry includes sales management, consulting, entrepreneurship and multinational leadership.

Javier Gimeno – COO

As long as there’s some coffee, I’m eager to discuss any project, anywhere in the world, that will make clients happy. I’m privileged to be supported by a genius team, keen on growing, innovating and creating a flexible and reliable product that lets us enjoy our free time.

Aitana Arias – CMO

I like to focus on metrics and strategy but always leaving room for creativity and branding. I’m in charge of making the perfect match between audience and
contents. My motto: Wanderlust. I have lived in 4 different countries and traveled to more than 40. When I am not traveling, I spend my free time between hiking and crossfit.

Jordi Costa – CTO

Technologist convinced of the importance of the human factor, I’ve been driving innovation for the past 25 years, bringing to life technical solutions that support better communications. Crazy about hiking, I escape to the mountains with my wife whenever I can and I’ve climbed the Mont Blanc twice.

Olga Mellado – CFO

Always eager to learn, specially about business and management. I adapt my professional experience to any specific circumstances in order to evolve and achieve new challenges. Whenever it’s possible, going scuba diving gives me the opportunity to travel to another exciting worlds.

Gonzalo Poch – Solutions Engineer

Computer Engineer, I have developed my entire professional life around projects related to Contact Centers. I like to listen to customer needs and develop solutions to meet them. Passionate about domotics, reading and paddle tennis.

Daniel Gutiérrez –  Senior Software Engineer

Always looking for the best solution to any problem, computing has been my passion since a computer came into the house when I was a little boy. In my spare time I enjoy movies, board games and traveling to new places.

Emilio Castellano –  Senior Software Engineer

Passionate about software and new technologies, teamwork and delivering a quality product. In my spare time I enjoy practicing all kind of sports. I have lived in 5 countries and visited 22, getting to know other cultures and learning languages is my lifestyle.

Alejandro López –  Senior Software Engineer

Systems Engineer, passionate about new technologies and video games. Programmer of different languages such as Python, Shell bash, Asterisk, JAVA among others. Passionate about practicing team sports and adventure. Animal lover and vegetarian.

Miguel Ruiz –  Software Support

Focused on the success of projects. Always working side by side with our clients and partners, listening to their comments and sensitive in dealing with the problems that may arise. Personally, admirer of “good people” and those selfless projects to improve the lives of others. Lover of the little good moments that the daily life brings us.

Juan Romeu –  Software Support

Systems Engineer professional, passionate about new technologies and innovation. Expert in Linux systems and voice over IP VozIP (VoIP). Big fan of science fiction movies and series, reading science articles and riding a bike.

Emilia Bertino –  Marketing Executive

Passionate about communication in all its types and forms. I love to carry out each task with enthusiasm and challenge myself with new projects. I enjoy reading and learning new things constantly. Travel, dance, family and friends are the words that best represent me.

Lluís Gardeta –  Business Development

My professional career has always been focused on information technology through entrepreneurship and business development. I have always been passionate about meeting people and their projects, getting involved in them and collaborating to make them come true. In my free time I am a family addict and I try to find some time for my two great hobbies: motorsport and photography.

Erika Ramírez –  Office Manager

Methodical and organized, which makes it easy for me to work with a large volume of documentation, customer management, data, metrics and support inputs to guarantee success at work. Always oriented to the achievement of objectives, with experience in commercial management functions and administrative support to the accounting department. I am passionate about yoga, meditation and conscious eating.