Facebook Messenger in a contact center. Today we want to talk to you about the social network that, today and according to data from 2021, occupies the first drawer of the podium worldwide: with almost 3,000 million monthly active users (and more than 1,700 million daily active users) and the most used for 77% of millennials, you can imagine which social network we are talking about, right?

Facebook has reached such dizzying numbers and its popularity is that big that today it has become an impossible platform to ignore, also at a business level. Even in our sector as a contact center service. For this reason, in this post we want to talk about Facebook Messenger and why it should be part of your customer service strategy in a contact center. Keep reading for the details!


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What is Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is the messaging platform of the Facebook social network. A platform that today, with more than 20 billion (yes, billion) of messages exchanged each month, makes it the most used by users worldwide.

If you are a regular user of Facebook, you may remember that before the chat (Facebook chat at the time) was completely integrated into the social network. However, the year 2012 marked a before and after, separating app and messaging platform. Three years later, already in 2015, Facebook announced that Messenger would have purchase tracking features so that companies could provide much more personalized customer service.

Being part of a “giant” like Facebook (a social network whose app works perfectly on iOS and Android) makes Facebook Messenger a contact network with enormous potential for the company that decides to integrate it into its contact center strategy: live chat to send text messages, voice calls or voice messages, among others.

Why integrate it to improve the customer experience?

As we told you in one of our latest posts, and although on that occasion we focused on WhatsApp and Telegram, integrating social media into contact center software and customer service strategy is practically an obligation today for those who firmly believe in new technologies to offer their products or services beyond traditional incoming calls.

Platforms like Facebook Messenger help provide an exceptional level of customer service for a very simple reason: in terms of time and resources, it is much cheaper for the company. And for the user, nothing new: a contact with the company that is agile, direct, fluid and much more natural greatly favors First Call Resolution and, therefore, the Digital Customer Experience.

Today, Facebook Messenger allows, among other things:

  • Send voice messages
  • Share images
  • Share stickers
  • Send GIF
  • Attach files
  • Voice calls
  • Video calls of up to 50 people


In fact, this direct and natural contact between the call center and the user generates a lot of trust. According to data from Facebook itself, most people say that the simple fact of being able to send messages to a company makes them feel more confident about the brand.

Thus, Facebook Messenger can be very useful for a company for several reasons:

  • Much easier customer acquisition
  • Combine the experience of buying in a store with the convenience of doing it online
  • Increased recognition: communication through Facebook Messenger creates a kind of close bond between customer and company

Facebook Messenger: centralize customer service with our contact center software EVOLUTION

Did you know that our omnichannel contact center software can connect with the Facebook Messenger platform? Do you want to know how to make the most of the full potential of Facebook Messenger? Centralize all communications with your customers and have a unified view of all interactions with them.

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