Social Customer Service

Engage with your customers through social media

Interact through WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and Twitter as part of the omnichannel strategy in your Contact Center.

Respond quickly and consistently

Timely monitoring of mentions of a brand or a company’s products on social media can make the difference between creating loyal customers and viral disasters

Act intelligently

EVOLUTION can query your CRM or other information systems to determine customers’ contact preferences, permissions, importance and other vital details to determine which communication channel is best for contacting them.

Interact proactively

EVOLUTION automatically detects when customers reach out to you on social media to request service, ask questions or report issues, and routes those queries to the agent best placed to deal with them.

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Agile and personalized communication

Connect through the world’s most popular platform

Reach 2 billion people in more than 180 countries

Establish fluid communications through the app used by millions of people around the world.

Wide range of functions

Take advantage of built-in features like quick replies and enrich communication with photos, videos, and more.

Official API

We work with an official WhatsApp Business API provider that hosts the data in their data centers. The API is GDPR compliant and secure with WhatsApp end-to-end encryption.


Maximum data protection for the most demanding customers

The main feature of Telegram is the invulnerable data encryption system.
telegram atencion al cliente

Sensitive transactions

This app is chosen as the main communication channel by millions of people, due to its high security and data protection.

Hundreds of possibilities

From one-way communication to marketing, advertising and segmentation campaigns. Send audio, text, images and videos to facilitate the conversation.

100% connected

With Telegram, your Contact Center will be prepared to receive queries in case WhatsApp or other channels fail.

Facebook Messenger

Trust, track record and reach

Facebook has more than 1,300 million users, and many of them take advantage of this platform to contact companies

Automatic replies

Don’t keep anyone waiting. Set up automatic replies to guide your customers through the next steps.

Information available for the customer

Take advantage of this social media channel to provide quality information, such as time schedules, products, answer FAQs and more.


Quality interactions and support

Control all the interactions on the most chosen social network for Customer Service from the same software for Contact Center.

Respond to all kinds of messages from a single Contact Center platform

All the benefits of social messaging in your Contact Center

Reduced interaction time, more natural conversation, attention to several customers at the same time... are just some of the advantages of Social Customer Service.

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