Sales & Marketing

Nurture your leads and sell more

Contact your leads at the right time and design your sales arguments so that your agents do not miss any opportunities. Thanks to EVOLUTION your telemarketing campaigns will go like clockwork!

Gabi Navarro
CEO of ICR Evolution

More intelligent contacts

The ICR software includes several dialing modes (predictive, progressive, preview and agentless), allowing you to choose the most relevant option for each of your telesales campaigns.

The Call Progress Analysis feature reduces cost per lead as your agents are not kept waiting for a useful contact
Increase conversion with our scripting functionality, your sellers always have the correct script in front of them.

Evolution is a complete solution, indeed; its integration and development tools allow to agilely address any type of need in the future.”

Xavier Company – IT Director of Parc Taulí

Best time to contact leads

You will strengthen the relationship with your leads in their end-to-end journey, building proximity with them.

Our software functionalities allow you to add leads generated through your website or other lead generation tools, directly to the Outbound campaign of your choice, giving you the peace of mind of knowing the lead will be contacted shortly.

Close the loop and integrate those campaigns with your online campaigns to get a better understanding of the ROI.

Your customers reach available agents faster, via their preferred channel, without having to repeat who they are or why they’re contacting you.

Our experience with Evolution has been surprising, we came from leading solutions in the Contact Center world with prices much higher than Evolution’s and it has not only been able to replace them, but we have improved the productivity of our agents by 40 %.”

Diego de la Fuente – IT Responsible, KTC Icecreams

Omnichannel breeds proactivity

These days, consumers interact with multiple channels before buying. Sometimes physical channels, other times digital and most often, all of the above. The power of understanding each touch point in the customer journey is that you can anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations by serving them the right product at the right time.

Our omnichannel software lets you do just that with your contact center operation. In addition, you will benefit from our live chat channel to make a real time proactive impact, as well as the ability to upsell and cross-sell efficiently thanks to the trust you will have built with your consumers through excellent care.

With the implementation of the Evolution software, an important advance has been achieved in the efficiency and control over the contact center agents.”

Roberto Fernández – IT Director at Funciona