Better call quality, better customer experience

Offer a unique and exceptional experience to your customers by connecting them to the best available agent. Make it more agile and efficient than ever!


Intelligent Contact Routing

Improve your quality of service and reduce agent burn-out with the EVOLUTION software. Automated Call Distribution allows to find the best available agent for each customer interaction.

Contact distribution

Define your contact distribution policies in order to set up different routes for different clients.

Design routing

Design your own routing flows easily with no prior technical configurations.

Routing flows

Adjust and continuously improve your routing flows thanks to the myriad of reports and analytics.

Inbound contacts

React quickly when there’s a sudden spike in inbound contacts.

Contact resolution

Increase First Contact Resolution by assigning the right agent to the right customer.


Provide differentiated treatments based on parameters you define.


Reduce costs with a stellar self-service IVR

Now your agents can focus on added-value tasks and your customers have more autonomy without compromising on ease of service.

voz contact center

Voice Service

80% of customer care inbound calls usually go through an Interactive Voice Service. Do you already use one? How easy is it to do configure and make changes to?

+20 languages

The EVOLUTION software native IVR offers state-of-the-art speech recognition so that your customers can explain their query easily in over 20 languages.


Make it easy for your customers to do business with you! With our IVR, they can get an answer at any time and self-serve on the most common queries.

Reduce time

Not to mention that combined with ACD, an IVR service is even more powerful in getting your customer to the best available agent in reduced time.


Maximize productivity with Agent Blending

EVOLUTION goes the extra mile to help you improve your KPIs. With Blending, your agents are being assigned contacts from multiple channels with complete control and hassle-free.

voz contact center

All in one

Rejoice! The days of having to switch between various applications and getting lost between different screens are over.

Interaction in real time

With EVOLUTION you interact in real time with different customers, through different channels, and still using a single queue and basing contact assignment on agent skills.

SLA compliance

EVOLUTION takes your SLA compliance to the next level: balance your workload between inbound and outbound at peak hours, and increase customer satisfaction at the same time.


CTI Screen Pop-Up

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), or “screen pop-ups” improve agent productivity and experience as they provide immediate access to customer data and contact history.

Contact distribution

When an advisor gets an incoming call from a customer, a screen immediately pops up (hence the name) on the EVOLUTION software, displaying the relevant customer data for checking and reviewing. CTI is incrementally beneficial in efficiency as it reduces talk time and average handling time (AHT).

Interaction in real time

With screen pop-ups, customers won’t have to repeat their personal details or even the reason for contact. Having the right information readily available ensures the agent can deal efficiently with the customer query, not only improving their satisfaction but also reducing repeat contacts.

voz contact center
voz contact center

Call Recording

Conversations recorded and monitored

Call recording is an essential feature of any contact center to enable supervisors to monitor quality and keep proof of contracting.


With EVOLUTION you can record any interaction within your contact center, both inbound and outbound and across channels.

Stored securely

Recordings are stored securely in the location of your choice so that they can be accessed and listened to easily.

Powerful tool

A powerful tool when it comes to evaluating agent perfomance as it can also be used as a real example feedback tool.

Make the Contact Center a leader of your business

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