Call center software: How to create a pitch for telephone sales? We have already discused on more than one occasion about the importance of offering good customer service. A service that starts at an early stage, just when the first contact between the client (or target audience) and the company takes place, and that can be in either of the two directions: inbound and outbound.

In order to provide a quality service with full guarantees of success, it is necessary for a company’s contact center agents to maintain a unified communication style throughout the entire process with customers (hence the importance of an omnichannel strategy).

Now, the question is: is there a way to achieve this unified style to maximize sales results? The answer is yes: through a commercial pitch or sales pitch. Don’t you know what we’re talking about? Keep reading!

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Call center software: what is a commercial pitch?

In order to understand what we are going to explain throughout this post, it is necessary, first of all, to define what a pitch is. A sales pitch is a document or script where the functions of a call center agent, the most frequent asked questions and the different answers that should be used are compiled. An essential manual that a company’s call center agents need in order to deal with the volume of daily calls with guarantees of success.


Call center software: which are the benefits of a phone sales pitch?

The day to day of a call center agent is not easy, this is something we already know. Employees in charge of receiving calls (or making them), responding to user requests or transferring calls to the corresponding sales department are subjected, practically every day, to stressful situations that can have repercussions on a problem that we have already mentioned: burnout syndrome (recognized as a disease by the WHO).

Having a sales pitch has many benefits for both the company and the call center agent. For example, it allows call center employees to communicate, in an orderly manner, all the characteristics, advantages and benefits of a company’s product or service. This commercial pitch is, without a doubt, one of the call center solutions that will most help our agents to be motivated in their day to day tasks. This communicative script also has many other commercial benefits:

  • It provides an idea of the needs covered by a specific product or service. This way, agents manage to have a conversation with customers without having to improvise (or stress about not being able to respond)
  • Helps to empathize with customers. Very much in line with the previous point: by knowing their needs, call center agents will be much more effective when it comes to detecting leads or potential customers.
  • The use of the most effective arguments will give good results to the agents, increasing their motivation and getting them to adapt more quickly to new situations and clients.


Call center software: how to create a pitch for telephone sales?

Having a pitch for telephone sales processes is essential when it comes to “cold door” contact. That is, that type of contact in which an agent calls and contacts the customer directly (outbound actions). Facing a commercial call is not an easy task, since there are different situations and objectives: answer complaints, recover lost customers, manage incidents or make a sale, among others.

For the topic that we are talking about today (selling a product or service) and developing a good commercial pitch, it is necessary to take into account aspects such as:

1. The customer is the protagonist of the sale

The user is the one who will make the final purchase decision. For this reason, the pitch must answer all the possible doubts and questions that most concern him/her (does this product or service cover their needs? Why this one and not another? Does the agent understand what the client is looking for?).

2. Structure

Each step of the sales process requires different arguments. This is where, from the call center, the argument for each of the phases must be clear.

In general, the sales process takes place in four well-differentiated stages:

  • Attraction
    • Pitch focus: get the user’s atención
  • Interest
    • Pitch focus: we can convince him/her that the product or service offered by our agents fits with their possible expectations and needs.
  • Desire
    • Pitch focus: Once we have their attention, the pitch must include possible reasons why they will not buy the product to “redirect” that desire and generate the need.
  • Action
    • Pitch focus: ensure that the user makes the purchase

3. Arguments that can never be missing in the sales pitch of a call center

  • Why our product or service and not another one
  • How our product or service solves the previous needs
  • Years of work and experience of the company in the sector
  • Why the price of the product or service means added value

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