Is it possible to recover lost customers with your contact center? On numerous occasions we have talked about the main goals of a contact center: identify customers, reach new leads and retain them. However, the situation makes us think: it is true that it is very important to design strategies to attract customers, but how many companies work on recovering them once they have left?

Although it is essential to work to get the best customer experience and to “retain” them, the truth is that there will always be a percentage of them who stop buying our products or services and need to be reactivated. Did you know that you can recover lost customers with your contact center? Keep reading!


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What are lost customers?

By “lost customers” we understand those who stop contacting or acquiring the products or services of our company for a relevant period of time (X months). In many cases, companies decide to remove them from their database. A very serious mistake, since this customer profile is a very valuable source of information.

A good contact center service helps us to develop a recovery strategy with clients through different actions, but the recovery process is not something magical that happens immediately, in the same way as getting clients for our contact center or call center requires time and hard work.

Which is the cost of losing a customer?

Many contact center companies are not aware of the income that a customer represents for them, so they put aside those marketing strategies focused on them. Did you know that the cost of attracting new customers is up to five times higher than that of retaining them?

That is why it is so important to take care of the relationship with customers and that the service offered encourages them to stay with us.

5 tips to recover lost customers with your contact center

Different studies point to a main reason why customers leave companies, can you imagine it? The answer is simple: poor customer service. And not only that: approximately 50% of customers abandon a brand to go with a competitor after a bad experience.

Taking this data into account: is it possible to recover lost customers with your contact center? The answer is yes:

Use emails to reactivate customers

How to contact a customer who has abandoned us and does not seem to like an “aggressive” action? The management of the relationship with our clients must be subtle and a digital marketing strategy can be a good starting point. How about starting an email marketing campaign? Social media are also very useful.

Study your competitors

A few lines above we were talking about 50% of users going to our competitors after poor customer service. Studying this competition and knowing what your company offers differently to “fish” users is very important to improve and not lose customers. A good omnichannel contact center software allows us, through different analytics and reports, also to understand what happens in your contact center and what your “Achilles heel” can be.

Investigate your lost customers and contact them

We start from the assumption that it will be very difficult to recover 100% of the lost clients, so the objective should be focused on capturing as many of them as possible.

A good segmentation and knowledge of your customers will allow you to set personalized proposals and offers. Hence, having a good CRM in your contact center is also very important.

Implement outbound strategies in your contact center

In a previous post we already mentioned the many advantages of having a good outbound strategy in your contact center. Customer service with incoming calls is very important, yes, but these outbound actions are also very useful to recover lost customers, generating qualified leads and with the certainty that those whom your agents call will have a better chance of being ‘recaptured’.

Offer different service channels

Offering different customer service channels is very important to contact and retain customers. Do you know our omnichannel contact center software?

Reduce the number of lost customers with our ICR Evolution contact center software

Is your contact center losing customers and you don’t know how to deal with the situation? At ICR Evolution we are clear that good software like EVOLUTION will be of great help to you. Do you want to know more? Take action, contact us and let us show you how our software is the best solution for your contact center!


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