Contact center software: how to generate leads? Capturing leads is one of the most common digital marketing actions. An action taken to swell a company’s databases and increase sales opportunities. Usually, the action of capturing or generating leads is carried out by the marketing departments of companies. However, more and more companies are making the decision to outsource this service and look for different call center solutions or a specialized contact center to deal with attracting leads or potential customers for their company.

For this reason, in this post we explain what a lead is, how to generate leads in a contact center and how to manage them to achieve loyalty. In short, how to maintain a long-lasting relationship with them to offer a certain product or service. Do you want to know more? Keep reading!

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Contact center software: what is a lead?

First of all, we start by defining what a lead is. The term lead, is used mainly in the marketing jargon in inbound actions to refer to all those potential customers of a product or service who leave their data in a contact center through different channels.

We can distinguish different types of leads or potential customers depending on where they are in the purchase process:

  1. Lead: the lead itself refers to a person who contacts the call centers, identified as a possible potential customer, and who, according to the company, needs a product or service that the company can offer or satisfy in the future.
  2. Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL): this type of user has already been identified as a follower of a company with a great possibility of becoming a customer, since they are clients who are aware that they have a need and are looking for a solution. At this point, contact center agents must perform good customer service so that they consider the company as a possible solution.
  3. Sales Qualified Lead (SQL): the SQL are these leads that are in the last part of the purchase process, what are known as “hot leads” and that have already decided to cover their need

Contact center software: what is lead capture?

Although it is true, as we said a few lines above, that the best way to generate leads is through inbound actions, another way to capture the attention of potential customers is precisely with the opposite process. That is, through outbound actions carried out by the agents of a contact center.

Through these actions, with the professional as an active agent who contacts the potential client directly, opportunities can be identified more quickly, more qualified leads generated, costs and time saved (mainly or even deeper research of the market for to meet the needs of future customers).

That said, and based on the fact that contact center professionals are specially qualified to carry out the customer service and management process, it is clear that their work is essential to generate leads in a contact center.

Three of the most common methods of capturing leads are:

1. Database verification

Prior to the process of contacting potential customers, the work of contact center agents begins when a research job is carried out to verify the databases and the list of company customers. Here, for example, possible lost clients can be detected that we can recover thanks to the job of the agents and good contact center software that facilitates and speeds up their task.

2. Database creation

Integrating a CRM into contact center software is tremendously useful when generating lead capture campaigns. Thus, each time a lead or potential customer is contacted (or him/her contacts directly with the agents of a contact center) it is automatically registered in the CRM database, which allows them to be distributed and organized in different lists according to interest.

3. Outbound actions

Making calls directly with a script and specific objectives allows contact center agents to save time, be more productive and, thanks to their knowledge of the market, “attack” those potential customers who are most likely to complete the purchase process of the product or service.


Contact center software EVOLUTION: contact your leads at the right time

Contact your leads at the right time and design your sales arguments so that your agents don’t miss an opportunity with EVOLUTION, our omnichannel software for contact centers.

A tool that will greatly facilitate your outbound actions thanks to the different types of dialing that it includes (predictive, progressive and agentless), its different options that reduce the cost per lead or its scripting functionalities. In this way, your agents will be prepared to contact leads or potential clients in an agile and frictionless way, regardless of the volume of calls.

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