How can an outbound call center help your company? An outbound call center refers to all those customer service actions that aim to offer a product or service and when it is the company that directly contacts users. We can say, therefore, that the outbound call center is a type of active contact with customers who may not have shown interest or contacted your company yet.

Do you want to know how this type of practice can help your company? First of all, let’s start with the difference between inbound and outbound? (topic that we also talked about recently on our blog).

¿Which is the difference between outbound and inbound?

The word inbound refers to those customer service actions to manage calls in which our team is the one who awaits the contact of current and potential customers to solve doubts and, taking advantage of the situation, try to close sales.

However, as we discussed a few lines above, outbound calls refer to all those direct actions of your agents, who are in touch directly with potential customers to offer a certain product or service and take advantage to gain contact data, include them in your databases and ultimately close sales.

Two concepts that imply apparently opposite actions (more passive or waiting in the case of inbound and more active when we talk about outbound) but that, nevertheless, must complement each other to achieve one objective: to increase sales possibilities in our call center.


¿Which are the advantages of outbound call center?

The outbound call center has numerous advantages, among which we would like to highlight:

  • Market research: being a much more direct and active action, outbound in our call center allows us to get a better knowledge of the market, for example, how our competitors are acting or what are the needs of customers that have not yet been attended.
  • Generate qualified leads: by making phone calls directly and assessing potential customer interest, agentes can identify opportunities more quickly.
  • Save time: having good call center software allows you to save time and manage your calls, with which you will improve the productivity of your agents. For example, adding the leads that are generated on your website to the most appropriate outbound campaign. It’s important to have a CRM integrated into our contact center or call center, as we have already mentioned in our blog.

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