Want to know how to motivate your call center team? We understand work motivation as the ability of a company to keep its employees involved in order to offer maximum performance and thus achieve business objectives. Staff motivation is, therefore, an issue that should be a priority in any company. Even more so when we talk about a call center or contact center, where the “burnout syndrome” or burned worker can greatly harm our interests.

Our employees, as those responsible for the telephone attention services, are the most important asset to achieve the objectives. Do you know how to motivate your call center staff? At ICR Evolution we give you five tips to organize a call center and get it. Keep reading!

Encourage open and transparent communication … and don’t forget about feedback

Clear and transparent communication in the work environment is essential for the management of your call center for many reasons: it reduces the chances of possible conflicts and increases the commitment of all parties by building healthier relationships. Having a collective vision of the company, knowing its values, challenges and objectives makes our call center operators understand the importance of their daily work and row in the same direction. Something that, logically, the customers of a company notice when they request a customer service.

Happy and engaged employees is equal to a company that works … and listening to them is key too. Some studies say that more than 80% of our call center employees have ideas for improvement but their opinions are not taken into account. Are your employees committed to your call center? Maybe that should be your stating point.



Another key: a good work environment

In line with the above, we must also highlight the importance of improving the day-to-day life of our agents. It is proven that a good work environment is, for many workers, more important than their monetary compensation. The freedom to be able to take breaks and interact with other colleagues, the management of shifts, avoid long hours without moving or see their workplace as a clean, pleasant, welcoming place and with tools that work (here it is very important, of course , having good call center software) is essential for their motivation. Be careful with staff turnover, since, in excess, your workers can see it as something negative.

Congratulate, offer rewards and incentives

Healthy competition is very important in any call center too. If your agents are aware that their work is valued, their performance will be much higher. We cannot forget that your agents are the “direct line” with our clients, those who receive or make telephone calls, and the image that is transmitted of our company depends a lot on them. A congratulation or a compliment for a job well done costs nothing and has a very positive impact on your confidence. Remind them of the importance of their work and never forget to acknowledge their effort.

In addition to congratulations, the issue of rewarding their work is also basic: problems solved, goals achieved, calls answered to potential clients or, why not, punctuality or assistance, may be aspects that you should consider to offer different incentives.

Create SMART goals

Defining goals or objectives that are achievable (short, medium or long term) is also essential to motivate your call center staff. In this sense, SMART objectives (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Based on time) allow us to create real objectives, schedule them and, ultimately, optimize and facilitate the work and day-to-day life of our agents.

Achieving these goals will be much easier if you have good omnichannel call center software like EVOLUTION.

Facilitate personal, family and work conciliation

Last but not least, don’t forget the importance of work-life balance. Does it sound familiar to you? Balancing life in all areas (personal, family and work) has its impact on the motivation or demotivation of your agents: work should NEVER consume their life. A relatively flexible schedule that allows combining work and life increases the satisfaction and productivity of our employees.

ICR Evolution call center software: discover how we can help you

It is essential, therefore, that your agents, as the most important asset of your call center, are motivated in their job. In this case, the human factor is as important as providing them with tools at a technological level that make their task much more agile, motivating and simple. Do you know our ICR Evolution call center software? Contact us and request a demo. We will show you how our EVOLUTION software is the best solution for your call center.


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