It is not new news that digital sales channels have diversified and increased considerably after a 2020 marked by the limitations to traditional physical sales. Currently we can buy through a website, social media and even WhatsApp. In this context, an omnichannel customer service strategy has gone from being an accessory to being at the center of the scene. Thanks to it, many contact centers have been able to respond successfully to a growing demand. Because it is one thing to respond and quite another to respond successfully to the queries. And this is where omnichannel is the differential that takes all the honors. Let’s see what this is about.


‘Omnichannel’ is a customer service strategy in a coordinated manner and with the same common voice in the different online and offline channels in which your company is present. It is an interface between channels such as social media, emails, calls, and offline, which ensures that information flows in an agile way. It is a way to keep all the chennels and interactions active.

Pros of omnichannel

Creating a good consumer experience depends on the efficiency of not only the platform or website, but also omnichannel and responsiveness to the customer. This will help your business grow. It is an important factor in all types of companies and sizes, from the smallest to the largest.

The main advantages of omnichannel are:

a) Availability for new customers 

As you adapt your strategy and increase the number of channels, you can also increase the number of customers and generate more leads. A company that sold only in its neighborhood – in a physical store – may, with the digital transformation, good communication, a good product and a good omnichannel strategy, expand its sales and grow. Remember that companies can offer their customers contact channels such as social media, emails, calls, chatbots, automatic notifications, sms, etc. With omnichannel, these communication channels generate good performance and, therefore, fulfilling the commitment with the customer.


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b) Bringing back lost clientes or stucked through channels  

You can call your customers’ attention in different channels and thus be able to restart a relationship between the company and the customer. Omnichannel also helps those who have not captured the attention of users in a first contact. And it also helps to retain satisfied customers.

c) Do you really know your customers?

Have you ever wondered if you really know your customers? A software like ICR Evolution can use fine customization. The data collected from the users is unified. Your company can get more information about customer behavior and preferences. It is key to know your customers to continue growing. In addition, it will also help you focus campaigns and achieve more accurate results. Take a look at Álex López’s EVOLUTION Talk about Digital Selling, it will help you investigate this topic.

d) Offer data internally to generate strategies to accelerate sales growth

The person specialized in digital marketing in your company can use marketing and SEO tools with the data obtained from the omnichannel experience of the Contact Center. This will certainly increase growth rates. Here you have an article with tips to coordinate efforts between customer service, marketing and sales.

e) More growth at lower cost

Using an omnichannel strategy helps your company reduce costs, since you are more efficient in your communication efforts. Agents trained to respond quickly and through the appropriate channel will ensure that no time is wasted on unproductive communications or failed communication attempts.

How to create an omnichannel experience in your Contact Center?

Your Contact Center must have a well-studied and proven strategy to avoid unforeseen events and dissatisfied customers. We offer you a series of tips to integrate an optimal omnichannel strategy:

  1. Carry out a preliminary analysis based on the study of the Contact Center’s capabilities and its resources. Make sure you have the best software for the occasion (Hello, here we are! Learn more about ICR Evolution)
  2. Are your agents trained to manage the software? Do they need training? Consider it. But we anticipate you: training is always needed. It is not something you do once and forget, but the key is constant professionalization.
  3. Automation helps users solve questions and problems without the interaction with agents. Chatbots are intelligent robots capable of solving questions in a simple way and in a short time. It is an important channel to consider.
  4. Customize the strategy according to your interests. It is not the same to carry out a strategy to provide customer support than for a data analysis process or to manage an e-commerce. Each process needs an adapted strategy, and it must be implemented by planning it in advance. Remember that a Contact Center collects information about customer habits, preferences, etc., and you should know when this information is useful to you.
  5. Control and measurement of all Contact Center processes. If you are attentive to the processes that are being managed, you will be able to detect errors or deficiencies and you will be able to improve to grow. Remember that you can always improve. Here is a free eBook on KPI Engagement that you will love.

Keep in mind that a Contact Center aims to:

  • Get information from customers.
  • Address with a personalized message for each client.
  • Improve the efficiency of internal processes.
  • Improve the customer experience.

A good customer experience with our agent is what will decide the future of our strategy. Since the lockdown, Contact Centers have also had to adapt to the challenges that omnichannel provides remotely.

Challenges to have a good remote omnichannel strategy

Among the challenges that you can find post-2020 in your Contact Center are:

  • Provide agents with adequate support. Agents must have software such as EVOLUTION, which is constantly updated to offer the best experience to both agents and customers, allowing them to connect in the way they prefer.
  • Communication with agents. You should talk to them and make clear the importance of notifying schedule changes or any other matter.
  • Optimize working hours. Recheck the schedules of each agent and their availability. Some may have technological setbacks or unexpected circumstances.
  • Continue with the programming. Check that your agents can continue with their programming in an optimal way, and that the fact of working remotely is not an impediment.
  • Monitor. Check that the quality expected in the Contact Center is still being offered.


ICR Evolution software helps your company adapt to the new consumer behavior

Many businesses did not bet on the digital age, but if they have not adapted now they will surely die. Lockdown has marked a before and after. Businesses have been forced to go digital. Customers are getting used to contacting them digitally and having the product delivered to them at home. They are discovering the convenience that the e-commerce sector offers. In recent years, contact through social networks, email … has grown exponentially. And thanks to software like ICR Evolution, companies have been able to interact with their customers in an efficient way, without wasting time or productivity. Welcome everyone to the digital age.


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