Why integrate social networks in your contact center? At this stage of the game, few doubt the important role that social media play in our life and our day to day. According to data from Hootsuite’s 2021 digital report, 80% of people in Spain are active users of social media (37.4 million spanish people).

And we are not only speaking of them as a communication channel between users but as one of the most powerful communication channels for companies to interact with users. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or WhatsApp (not forgetting email) have become the preferred channel for sectors of the population such as millennials, who are more demanding with companies and who require greater fluidity and agility in conversation or  inbox.

In this post-pandemic context in which companies provide a much more direct service to their potential customers (or this is what they should do if they do not want to see users’ purchasing decisions reduced), integrating social networks in your contact center is essential. Do you want to know more? Keep reading!


Why integrate social networks?

We recently told you that using applications or tools such as WhatsApp Business as a customer service channel offers companies a wide range of possibilities when it comes to automating, organizing and responding quickly to their messages.

Integrating Social Media in your contact center greatly benefits the Digital Customer Experience on the networks for different reasons:

  • Much more direct and personalized communication
  • More channels is synonymous with more contact options with users
  • Avoid the saturation of other customer service channels, which means being able to respond to more requests or calls
  • Increased interaction and, therefore, greater agility in response
  • Loyalty and trust increase
  • Higher productivity of your contact center agents
  • Know the behavior of users to offer a proactive response

Social Contact Center

Just a few lines above we mentioned social networks as a new communication channel in a call center or contact center. Precisely from this need arises a new concept: the Social Contact Center. Or: the evolution of Contact Centers towards omnichannel.

Social networks are the ideal platform to give a quick response or offer in a more agile and direct way all your products or services. An omnichannel customer service must therefore start with social media.


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Integrate social media with our EVOLUTION call center software

Integrating social networks should be one of the priorities of all companies that want to offer a unique and personalized experience to their customers. An integration that requires adequate omnichannel contact center software, capable of adapting and assuming these new digital needs.

Take action and improve your customer experience with EVOLUTION, our omnichannel software.

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