Telegram App for the contact center in 2022. Today we want to talk to you about a messaging app that is gaining a lot of ground at the corporate and business level in recent years: Telegram. It is true that we already talked about it in one of our latest posts (sharing the spotlight with WhatsApp as two perfect applications for customer service in a contact center).

On this occasion, however, we will focus on Telegram. An app that offers messaging services with great benefits for companies in general and for the contact center in particular. Do you want to know why Telegram App is a good option for a call center in 2022? Keep reading!

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Telegram App: what is it?

Telegram is an instant messaging application developed by brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov. Since its birth in 2014, Telegram offers instant messaging and mass communication services, which includes not only text, but also sending files.

Telegram is currently available for installation on both the Apple App Store and Android Play Store, as well as for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. However, to be able to use Telegram it is not necessary to download or install anything, since it can be used both as an application and via web.

The main use of Telegram is, as we say, to communicate with other contacts instantly. Although it shares end-to-end encryption with other messaging apps, Telegram is the only open source messaging app. A true guarantee for all those who seek the security of knowing how the software they are using works.

Telegram App: how to use it in a contact center?

The year 2022 began with a new update of the app, with different functionalities that can be very useful when integrating the app into contact center software to offer good customer service. We already told you in one of our previous posts that social media (Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger or email) in the context of omnichannel, will gain strength in 2022 as an alternative to incoming calls.

Today, Telegram has three features that can be very interesting for the contact center service and interact with customers:

Telegram groups

In this sense, the management of groups in Telegram is much more developed than in WhatsApp, since it allows you to add up to 200,000 contacts (compared to the maximum of 256 in WhatsApp Business). This can be a very interesting way to “build community” and a powerful marketing tool.

To put a “but”, each member can actively participate in the conversation, which can cause the abandonment of many of them due to excessive messages.

Telegram Channels

While it is true that Telegram channels have the same characteristics as groups, the difference lies in the type of communication: in this case, only administrators can send messages. Users (subscribers) are able to reply but they are not able to share the content.

Telegram Bot

Bots allow you to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically communicate with customers who contact your call center.

The use of bots are very useful when we want to interact with a large number of users immediately, effortlessly and as a support tool for contact center agents.


Integrate Telegram in your contact center with our software EVOLUTION

With everything mentioned above, it is clear that Telegram is ideal as a messaging tool to serve customers in a contact center:

  • 500 million active users
  • Possibility of accessing the app from several devices at the same time
  • More security
  • Bot customization

And much more…

That said, and based on the need to offer the customer an adequate digital experience (Digital Customer Experience), having Telegram and other channels capable of improving the relationship between companies and customers becomes, practically, an obligation.

Find out how our omnichannel software EVOLUTION can help you. Request a demo here!



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