Today’s customers demand exceptional customer service and immediate support through multiple channels. However, being present on different social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Business or Telegram is not enough; is only half of the equation. To take full advantage of these new tools and respond to the needs of today’s market and consumers, it is necessary to develop an effective communication plan to attract more customers, as well as to improve the end-user experience.

The key to success in social media: the right approach

In order to offer the quality experience that users expect from a contact center, you must include social media within the overall strategy of the center, instead of treating it as an isolated and independent channel. Remember, the main goal is to provide a seamless user experience, at all levels and channels in which it operates.

This means funneling social media interactions through the contact center, so they can be checked in and routed to an agent. It must be taken into account that each action in the digital world can strengthen or harm the company’s image, so it is essential to ensure that you maintain a consistent language and a unified style to offer an unparalleled customer service experience.

Paying attention to social media is essential to collect useful data about the company’s target audience. It can be used to proactively identify emerging customer issues and respond before they escalate into more serious issues—a benefit not available in any other channel.

Also, if you use an omnichannel contact center software, you will be able to route inquiries received through social media to the most appropriate agent, ensuring that the response is not only timely, but also useful.

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Tips for integrating social media channels into your contact center

1. Choose the right channels

The first step is to identify in which social media channel the company has more presence and receives a greater number of messages from customers or potential customers. You have to know in depth how each platform works and take advantage of the tools that each space provides you as a company.

2. Set a tone

When there are several people in charge of managing the company’s social profiles, there is a possibility that the tone and style of communication will fragment and the message will be diluted. For this reason, it is essential to build a manual that allows these parameters to be cohesive and to ensure that all posts, announcements, responses and comments follow the same coherent line and in tune with the values of the brand.

3. Establish guidelines

Like the tone of the brand, it is essential to establish a series of guidelines that help you drive customer service through social media in accordance with the company’s values. In this case, you must establish guidelines on response times for each channel, communication protocols, or message approval and moderation procedures.

4. Use chatbots to respond to inquiries

Direct messages are a standout feature on most social platforms. Many send messages commenting on their concerns or complaints in the hope of receiving a response as quickly and efficiently as possible. To do this, integrating automated solutions, such as chatbots, will help you address and resolve a large part of the queries.

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5. Control and manage the volume of requests

Social media are full of valuable information with which to gather information about the real situation in which each company finds itself. Even so, you have to know how to filter the mentions, comments and interactions that you need to pay attention to, versus those that you don’t. For this reason, it is essential to invest in technologies that allow you to collect metrics on user behavior, as well as recurring doubts or problems that users express in order to continue improving the product or service offered.

6. Provide proactive solutions

Decisions must be made based on the tastes and expectations of customers. If customers regularly ask about an issue, it’s a sign that you should provide a self-service resource to resolve this issue. This will help reduce future similar questions and will also help you satisfy customers even when your customer support team is unavailable.

In addition, you can offer customers services that allow them to learn more about your products. For example, opt for a constant information blog, explanatory videos, etc.

Provide the best customer service with ICR Evolution

Social media offer companies an excellent opportunity to better understand their customers. They meet your needs in an era where immediate, personalized support is the norm. Having omnichannel software for your contact center is essential to provide the best customer service.

Incorporate WhatsApp Business, Telegram, Twitter and Facebook Messenger into your strategy to ensure fluid communication with your customers. With our software EVOLUTION you will be where your customers are.

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