Customer service: customer experience trends in the contact center. The evolution when it comes to managing the customer relationship with companies through contact centers evolves, inevitably, at the frenetic pace imposed by digitization.

In this sense, when we have just passed the first quarter of 2022, we can confirm that it is no longer only important to provide adequate customer service so that they obtain a certain product or service. Now, digital marketing is focused on the customer and the management of his/her experience. For this reason, in this post we want to tell you about three of the main trends in contact centers to measure customer experience and satisfaction. Do you want to know more? Keep reading!

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1. Customer service: data protection, a key

A trend closely related to our previous post, where we explained how digitization and global interconnection give us many benefits on a day-to-day basis but, on the other hand, expose us and make us vulnerable to the dreaded cyberattacks.

This is where contact center companies must take extreme security and cybersecurity measures. When evaluating the customer experience, users take into account the management and protection of their data.

Having a contact center software that prioritizes the security of users through the different points of contact will achieve what all companies want: happy and loyal customers.

2. Customer service: empathy, key in the Customer Experience (CX)

In this 2022, the user will continue to appreciate a “hyper-personalized” customer service. This forces companies to thoroughly know their users (active and potential) and to perfectly define the user persona.

In this sense, by knowing customers and empathizing with their requests and needs, not only you can stenghten the loyalty of those who had already chosen you, but it is even possible to recover lost customers.

3. Customer service: omnichannel for Digital Support

“You will prioritize your customer service above all things.” This should be the first commandment of all companies, attend to the needs of customers. The client has ceased to be a mere entity that acquires products or services to become the center of everything.

In this sense, once again, we insist on the need to have a good omnichannel strategy aimed at providing users with digital support in accordance with their new digital needs.

Directly linked to the previous trend, support and customer service made by and for the user is essential throughout the customer journey in any call center. In other words: through this omnichannel approach, providing the user with the appropriate contact tools (incoming calls, social networks, email, etc.) the CX (Customer Experience) is improved.

In this way, conversions are increased.

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