ICR Evolution remote work: we confirm our commitment as a remote-friendly company. Currently, a large number of companies have established different and new work modalities, such as teleworking (or remote work) or hybrid work, which require not only a change of habits, but also of mentality.

A change that in ICR Evolution, however, does not catch us by surprise. Remote work is something that is part of our genes, as we have operating with remote teams internationally for many years. 2022 could not be less and this year we reinforced our remote teams, betting on this work dynamic and positioning ourselves as a remote-friendly company.

Remote work at ICR Evolution: a solid commitment since our origins

ICR Evolution is a company specialized in offering solutions for call centers and in the development of our own omnichannel software for contact centers EVOLUTION. Our activity and the day-to-day of all workers in our company is based on three aspects:

  • Flexibility
  • family conciliation
  • remote work

This, historically, has given us the possibility of creating autonomous and empowered teams at an international level. Teams that are capable of easily adapting to the new work modalities installed worldwide for two years.

Our premise since the birth of our company has always been one: take care of the human factor, giving each person the freedom to choose their own work day (schedules, home office, hybrid work, etc.). In this way we have achieved a greater commitment, dedication and level of satisfaction of our workers. This translates into better results for the entire company.

Our bonds are based on trust from the first moment. We start with a very thorough selection process where the priority is to find people aligned with our values, commitment and mentality.

Remote work at ICR Evolution: company, partners and workers

Some of the practices that we carry out at ICR Evolution and that have worked so well for us since our beginnings are:

  • Periodic general and teams meetings
  • Calls to meet and welcome new additions
  • “121” meetings for the follow-up of each person

All these practices, as we say, have worked so well for us that our company does not stop growing. Currently, in fact, we are in an expansion and growth period of our team.

Our fluid communication and a horizontal and close business model have made our collaborators (both people who work in our company and technology partners) stayed close over the years.

In this way, we currently have people who work remotely and together from different points not only in Spain but from all over the world. Regardin our technology partners, these are specially selected in different countries to achieve higher reach and better communication with all customers who use our software, thus ensuring optimal coverage to offer an omnichannel experience and achieve customer satisfaction.

ICR Evolution: about us

At ICR Evolution we have a successful track record developing contact center software to provide omnichannel customer service capable of improving the experience between different organizations and their customers. Our goal is to make these relationships more agile, simple, effective and, ultimately, more productive.

Our software EVOLUTION is, today, one of the most complete call center and contact center solutions, positioning itself as an innovative and omnichannel solution in real-time customer service, thanks to multiple channels (email, social media, etc.) such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, live chat, chatbots/voicebots, email and phone calls.

Find out how our omnichannel contact center software EVOLUTION can help you. Request a demo here!

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