IVR call blasting for call center. Today we want to talk about one of the most effective solutions when it comes to managing customer service calls in a call center: IVR Call Blasting. Why is it so effective? How can companies integrate it into their day to day life through call center software? In this post we explain it in detail. Keep reading!

Contact center: what is IVR call blasting?

The IVR (or Interactive Voice Response) is defined as the technological system for call centers that allows automated agents to interact with customers. In other words: the system with which people who contact a call center can select the different options through the use of voice, touch-tone dialing, etc.

As we mentioned in one of our latest posts, the IVR is used, mainly, for two reasons:

  • Identify the reason of the call to improve, in a more agile way, the user experience with a higher quality customer service.
  • Manage automated queries directly with the phone keypad or through voice recognition software.


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Call center: which are the advantages of a  IVR call blasting system?

As we already mentioned, the IVR is a system that enables our keyboard or voice recognition to identify, segment and route the calls that arrive at a call center with one objective: to transfer them to the most suitable agent within the customer service team.

In this way, voice self-service has a lot to do with something we already talked about in a recent post: “self-management” empowers the user —who decides when and how to contact the company—. In this sense, this new situation makes the role of agents different: calls are transferred to the most suitable agent, avoiding burnout syndrome and increasing efficiency within the company.

Some of the advantages of integrating an IVR system into your call center software are:

  • Serve a larger number of customers. To give you an example: our EVOLUTION call center software, thanks to its fast and accurate speech recognition, allows us to identify more than 20 languages.
  • Set personalized IVR messages (with a noticeable improvement of the customer experience)
  • Multiply the efficiency of the agent: being more specialized in less routine tasks, the agent will be able to resolve more complex calls
  • Increase first contact resolution: when a user calls and their call is redirected to the most appropriate agent, it will be resolved more quickly.
  • Reduce costs

Call center: improve your customers’ voice experience with our call center software

It is clear, therefore, that good management of the voice channel can be the detail that makes the difference when it comes to increasing sales, reducing costs and improving customer retention. Having a suitable interactive voice or IVR system represents a leap in quality in a call center, so it is necessary to take care of every detail when starting up your menu. And when we talk about caring, we are talking about:

  • Clarity and conciseness in the message
  • Avoid ambient noise
  • Give the background music the importance it deserves. This means choosing one that fits the style of the company
  • Measure well the number of languages that are going to be used so that clients can feel comfortable when managing their query


Discover how our call center software EVOLUTION can help you increase the quality of your calls: contact distribution, design and routing flows, first contact resolution, real-time interaction and much more.


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