What’s new in version 10.10

The new version 10.10 of EVOLUTION, our software for call centers, is now available. Discover the new features and improvements:


1. Design & UX

In this new version we have redesigned and improved the ease of use of EVOLUTION so that users have a better experience. We have created a more modern design with intuitive navigation thanks to:

  • Change of colors and textures and improvement of texts and fonts.
  • Improved fluency of navigability through a navigation system with well-structured categories, ease of return and no dead ends. In addition, a menu with a good degree of iconicity in a way that is more descriptive.

  • Adding the possibility of customization to give the corporate look of the company. You can now create themes to customise logos, button colors, menus, fonts and styles.

2. Improvements and new features 

We continue to add to EVOLUTION multiple functionalities requested by our clients to improve their daily activity and provide them with added value.

In this new version we add the option of configuring the telephone number to be shown to customers, the verification of the existence of the telephone in the Robinson list and the import of telephone listings of “Do Not Call”, among other new features.

3. Security level improvements and new compatibility 

With this new launch we reinforce our commitment to minimize the risks of possible fraudulent attacks, as well as the constant identification and erase of possible vulnerabilities. EVOLUTION is now compatible with Asterisk 16 and FreePBx 15.


4. New API

The EVOLUTION APIs not only allow you to expand the capabilities of the product, but also allow you to nurture it with information and interactions from multiple channels, as well as facilitate contact with your customers.

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