Case Studies

Success Story HM Hospitales

HM Hospitales is a leading patient care group in Spain with more than 19 hospitals across the country. This project relies on a relationship based on trust that has been ongoing since 2017 between us, ICR Evolution, our certified partner trueIT Systems and the client.


success story contact center


In a context of continued high growth, HM Hospitales was looking to upgrade and integrate the phone systems of all their hospitals into a single system and overall, wanted to improve patient services. They were looking for a robust solution that would allow a professional and agile appointment management process.


They therefore decided to team up with us and trueIT Systems, as our software EVOLUTION not only fitted the requirements but also brought additional improvements such as patient data processing prior to routing the call to the best available agent.


The implementation of the solution was done in phases. Initially the client chose an on-premise solution before moving to a cloud based solution which incorporated WebRTC technology. One of the key critical points was the integration with propietary applications and HM Hospitales were pleased to be able to rely on trusted partners who had a lot of experience.


No longer being dependent on a hardware infrastructure has also meant a great deal to HM Hospitales.


The transparency, quality level of customer support, availability and aligned points of view have been key to the success of the project. HM Hospitales feel that trueIT Systems and us have a good understanding of their processes which has allowed the contact center to grow with the business with added peace of mind.


The company also appreciates the level of freedom and control granted by our software EVOLUTION as they can monitor everything that happens in the contact center exhaustively, contributing to their patient-centric strategy.

The ICR Evolution software allows for an easy integration with most applications.

Jorge Luis Lorenzo
Patient Relations Director