How ransomware affects a contact center

In any sector, suffering an attack of this type is a real disaster for the organization, but if we talk about contact centers, countless data and user records come into play. The affectation can be practically destructive and being prepared or not for it with a good security and data recovery strategy will undoubtedly provide survival options when it comes to acting and will make a big difference.

Solutions to protect a contact center against ransomware

Keep software up to date

It is essential to maintain the systems without any type of weakness, cybercriminals can come to perceive this long before the administrators themselves. They take advantage of these vulnerabilities to attack and infect systems much faster. For this reason, keep the software and, in general, all the applications in use, updated, with back up, and monitored to mitigate these attacks.

Back up (BaaS)

One of the main premises against these attacks and security in general is making backup copies, you don’t think about the consequences and affectation of data loss until it happens. Thousands and thousands of critical data are moved daily in the contact center, so having a backup plan adapted to the needs and characteristics of the organization is crucial.

Any backup copy is not valid, they must be verified and tested since it is the first step towards a successful recovery. IT teams need to automatically verify the integrity of the backup data once they are made, since if a problem is detected, another copy can be made in production. Once it is made, it is not possible to have it, from it for being compromised or considered unreliable and lacking in integrity. For this, it is recommended to follow the backup rule 3-2-1-1-0.

Have a contingency plan (DRaaS)

As we have already mentioned before, having a contingency plan to deal with a ransomware attack is essential, it must include backup (BaaS), but if the organization wants to have a comprehensive disaster strategy, disaster recovery (DRaaS) ) must also include it.

This solution guarantees business continuity and avoids any type of activity interruption, so that in the event of an attack the system crash would be practically negligible. It guarantees the use of servers, networks and data in the recovery process of the affected party, thanks to this the company can keep its systems available without interruptions and minimizing the impact.


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