Contact centers are still very necessary today so that any company can maintain fluid contact with its customers and users. It is a resource that has been used for many years but is still widely integrated. Even so, it should be remembered that contact centers, which integrate all the digital transformation that is appearing in the technology market, are a great evolution and expansion of these services.

In the following lines you will know the customer service trends of this year 2020 to offer a totally satisfactory service.

¿What is de difference between call center and contact center?

When we talk about a call center, we talk about a place where people who are experts in marketing or customer service must make or receive calls to find new customers, solve problems and questions from people who want more information about the firm’s products and services or about the purchase process, among other matters.

When we talk about contact center, we refer to an evolution of this place that integrates innovations created to solve customer service problems and automates these systems. And, to offer its services, it integrates various communication channels, beyond the traditional calls. It is omnichannel and thus adapts to the tastes of each client, which leads to greater satisfaction of these, as we already told you in another article.

2020 customer service trends: contact centers embrace digital transformation

We anticipate that the main trend of traditional call centers is to expand, integrate new technologies and implement and adopt the channels through which they can meet the requests, doubts and needs of their clients or potential clients, until they become contact centers. The most important thing is to satisfy users, regardless of their age, and maintain close and fluid communication with them. And, thus, it will be much easier to build customer loyalty.

The main trends that our experts have collected are:


We are sorry call center, but your call service has had many more channels that cannot be ignored. The customer wants to communicate with a company in the most comfortable way. And while the generation of boomers are huge fans of the phone, millennials and generation Z prefer email, WhatsApp or social media (either in visible posts or in private messaging tools). And a company must integrate as many tools as it can.


It is no longer useful to deceive a client to convince him of your services. Now, if a client comes across a service that does not satisfy him because it does not meet expectations and with what he had been promised, he has many public platforms where he can make complaints so that other customers and potential customers know the reality. And if you lie about your services or products, customers will let other people know and your veracity and credibility will be on the ground.


Our 21st century society is very used to communicating at a distance with known and unknown people. And the close relationship is greatly appreciated. Experts say that “proximity is synonymous of success.” Good customer service requires making them have positive feelings so that they remember the experience as positive and want to repeat it.

Make the customer feel valued

For someone who has bought your product and service and it has given them problems, the feeling that remains is negative. But if your agents in charge of the contact center serve you with affection and, on top of that, if they follow up a while later to know that everything was as expected, your brand will earn many points for the future. If the user is pissed, try to relax him and make him feel good.

Artificial intelligence and personalized service

The digital transformation for a contact center goes through many technologies that can be integrated. One of them is artificial intelligence, which increasingly presents better capabilities over time and it becomes very easy for everyone to use. What advantages does it have? It has the ability to save customer data, always notifying the interlocutor and in accordance with the Data Protection Law, in order, in the future, to be able to better know the profile of customers who are interested in your brand or buy products and services. This is important to give a more personalized treatment and to better understand what the public likes.

Qualified professionals in the contact center

When it comes to solving problems, good customer service involves having empathetic and friendly professionals. Although there is no career to study on how to carry out these tasks, the main trends of a contact center go through a detailed selection process for the professionals that will make up this team in charge of talking with your present or future customers. Don’t lose sight of this.

The impact of digital transformation affects all the processes of a company.

The customer needs to be happy and, with a well-organized contact center, with technologies capable of deciphering the data that accumulates and equipped with great professionals in human relations, there are many options for success.

Do not underestimate the power of a well-equipped contact center capable of being in contact with the audience in many different ways.

If you need a personalized consultation for your needs in contact center technology, we will be happy to accompany you. Do not hesitate to contact us.


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