Customer service has taken a radical turn since we have WhatsApp Business among us. This, added to the extreme digitization of all communications that we have experienced in the last year, has pushed us to get more and more out of this platform that is always surprising us.

If you still do not use WhatsApp Business for your own business, you should do it as soon as possible. For those of you who still do not know what WhatsApp Business is, you should know that it is the business version of the messaging platform that you surely use daily for your personal communications. You can get it as a normal app and the interface is practically the same as what we are used to.

The Business version is constantly evolving with updates and new features that accompany the needs of customers, who are increasingly digital and demanding. It is no longer necessary only an answer: it has to be as immediate as possible, specific and decisive.

Omnichannel is no longer an option, it is mandatory!

All your customer service channels must work harmoniously. And WhatsApp Business is a fundamental part of them. Don’t forget that it is the most used instant messaging platform in the world.

And not only does it allow you to work on the sales flow, but it also plays a fundamental role in customer loyalty. It allows an agile and personalized attention to a client that can also be placed anywhere in the world.

Since the beginning of 2020, this tool has been included in our software for call and contact center, to accompany our clients in their digitization process and help them to be closer and closer to their own clients.

Now, we know that many people still do not understand how to use this messaging software to get the best out of their customers and their relationships with them. For this reason, in the following lines you will have detailed explanations about the advantages of WhatsApp Business for your company.

Which is the main characteristic of WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business is a free mobile app that can be downloaded on Android and iPhone iOS, which has been developed especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Provides tools to automate, organize, and quickly respond to messages.

During working hours, you need to do a lot of activities, so you need tools that help you being productive. WhatsApp Business is a novelty that brings many advantages to a project and is included in EVOLUTION, our contact center software.

The interface of this version of WhatsApp is very similar to the traditional one, but the big difference comes in the way you create your profile and is that, while in the app for personal use it is not even necessary to put the name, in Business it is mandatory to make a description of the business and other specific information.

This year we have welcomed the Shopping Cart on WhatsApp. What does this mean? That now we can create a catalog with our products, a very useful feature for both SMEs and large companies. In addition, it allows you to provide more information and accompany the customer throughout the purchase process.


How can I create a catalog in WhatsApp Business?

  • Go to “Settings” in the three-point menu at the top right.
  • Then, “Company settings”> “Catalog”. (If the “Catalog” option does not appear, you must update the WhatsApp Business app)
  • “Add a product or service” and click on the symbol (+) to add images of it.
  • Write the name of the product and a description to help users to have more information about it. Links can be included for more information and also the product code.


And ‘taran’! Your Catalog is ready!


Tiendas en WhatsApp: ya se ofrece a pequeñas empresas vender productos de  su catálogo directamente a través de WhatsApp Business


And the question that we are sure you have already asked yourself … Does the creation of a Catalog have any extra cost? No! All features are completely free (Thanks, Mr. Zuckerberg 😂)

So that you know how to get the best out of this platform and what advantages it offers to the activity of a company, keep reading!


How does this WhatsApp service adapt to the routines of a company?

We find this application very useful for our customers and that is why we have included it without hesitation in our customer service software. Among the most noticeable features are:

  • It allows the client to know the opening hours: in the settings option, the working hours can be added each day and specify the days of rest and closing.
  • Show general business information: what products are available, where are the headquarters located, what type of business is it, what is the contact email and the official website …
  • The buyer can be accompanied in each phase of their purchase process: if the customer has any questions while making an online purchase at your business, they can contact you directly and immediately through a WhatsApp message.
  • Create closer relationships between the seller and the customer: something that online sales have suppressed in many cases is the proximity of physical stores, but with the possibility of maintaining fluid and permanent communication, this obstacle is overcome. If the seller feels that the customer needs more attention, WhatsApp Business gives the option to do so.
  • Monitor activity: This application offers statistics to see how many messages were sent, delivered and read successfully. This way it is easier to know if there are more customers to attend.


Which are the advantages of using WhatsApp Business?

At ICR Evolution we have decided to include this application in our software because we have valued a large number of benefits that it can offer to our clients. After testing the tool, we would say that the most notable advantages it offers are:

  • Increase revenue by reducing pressure on much needed and valued customer service. It minimizes the friction points on the path to purchase that sometimes cause problems and that encourage many people to abandon this process.
  • It gives the possibility of establishing personal connections with clients through social media apps, starting with the most used that is WhatsApp and, in this case, suitable and specifically enabled for business.
  • Conversations will be more natural, simpler and easier and this service allows the seller to unify much-needed communication in a single application along with other customer service channels, which can be achieved with EVOLUTION, our platform for customer service.


The main functions of WhatsApp Business for your Contact Center

When it comes to integrating this new app into our software, there are several new features that the contact center software will integrate and present:

Inform: Companies will now be able to keep your customers informed in real time with instant messages on matters related to their activity.

Notify: Customers can now be reminded of their appointments, the status of their orders, a checkout process and much more. It must be said that they can be easily programmed to enrich the conversation with clients and prospects.

Make it visible: Show your products or services in an attractive and visual way with the Catalog option. Take advantage of all the digitizing tools! (read this free eBook for more information on the subject)

Promote: You can proactively initiate conversations with clients or prospects, as long as you comply with the regulations in your country. Our experts at ICR Evolution say that with an open rate of 98% you are sure to reach more clients.

Attend: Provide a service in real time, personalized and on your customers’ favorite channel. This tool allows you to share text messages, videos, photos and locations, and all this integrated with the other communication channels you use in your business.


And always remember: Close communication is key to success. We are sure that this new channel will help you to further improve your relationships with your customers, making them feel close and listened to.

If you have any questions or want to share your experience with other users, we would love to hear from you.


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