We present Analytics, our new development, with which you will be able to visualize your contact center analytics in a much more intuitive way, in order to facilitate intelligent and strategic decision-making.

This new application for viewing dashboards, which we have called Analytics, is a completely new interface that allows you to enjoy all the information from your Contact Center (with graphs, counters and key indicators) in a single interface.

Analytics Features

A customizable solution

The new Analytics is customizable (at the style and functional level), it has multiple styles of graphs and visualizations that can be used for Wallboards. They can be configured with a simple drag & drop, changing the size and layout according to your needs at all times. Average call duration, number of agents online, waiting time… With this new application you can choose the metrics and KPIs that you consider most relevant to your business and always have them in a single view.

Manage your team in the best possible way

This new interface is designed exclusively for the day-to-day of Contact Center Managers and team leaders. As it’s linked to the EVOLUTION Manager module, it facilitates data supervision and decision-making in real time. These settings are perfect for maintaining business SLAs. In turn, it allows the performance of the agent staff to be measured minute by minute, whether they work on premise or remotely. Do you have something to tell them or do you need to offer help? You can also do it through Analytics.

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Do you want to know more about Analytics?

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