Case Studies

Success Story BCA

BCA Spain, an online vehicle marketplace, found the solution to combine their communication channels into a single application with our software EVOLUTION.

A testimonial by Antonio Aboy, Marketing Director at BCA Spain. success story contact center


When we decided to create our “BCA Responds” service to provide real time solution to our customers, we had no idea how we’d be able to combine both telephony and email channels in a single application whilst maintaining the highest care standards we were used to and ensuring all interactions were correctly saved.


With EVOLUTION, the integration of our management systems was quick and easy. Our specialists now know which dealership is calling them, what they’ve purchased with BCA before and the type of loyalty program they’ve achieved. This is key in providing a personalized service. This is all enabled in a single application where both the call center telephony technology and the strategic business data can interact. The support and involvement from the technical team at ICR Evolution was incredible and made it easy for us to manage the project between IT and business departments, meaning we were ready to go in a matter of weeks.


It was essential for us to be able to recover any lost calls and the Call Back system is precisely designed to contact customers intelligently when they have abandoned the call because of high call volume at the time. Since we’ve started with BCA Responds, our customer satisfaction has improved by 0.8 points.