Case Studies

Success Story Kuspit

Kuspit is the leader of online trading platforms in Mexico. Their mission is to facilitate access to the stock market and its alternatives to individuals.


Kuspit created their contact center to offer an excellent customer care experience to their users. As an online only business, they needed to be able to offer an agile and expedited service, as well as be able to grow in size along with the business. The ICR Evolution software appeared as the ideal solution for its scalability, flexibility and speed of deployment. The cost effectivemess and omnichannel aspects were added benefits to Kuspit.


ICR Evolution recommended LIBERT-TIA, one of their certified local partners, to provide the implementation services.

The telephony solution is a VoIP technology, with a call recording system integrated with ICR Evolution. The IVR was also configured to automatically deal with queue management.

Kuspit are using the Designer module to set up personalized agent scripts for 90% of their workload.


Kuspit has particularly appreciated the speed of response provided by the technical support team to all of their requests, making the whole process more agile.

They are also big fans of the Dynamic Business Router feature of the Evolution software so that they can intelligently manage contacts across channels.

The main campaigns are inbound calls for service queries, troubleshooting, registration etc and an outbound support service for user registration as compliance regulations are high in the market.

We chose Evolution because of the quick implementation and the ability to integrate with our existing tools, combined with an optimal level of investment.

Julio César Gutiérrez Rivera
Contact Center Manager at Kuspit