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The company was going through a phase of high growth and was committed to improving the quality of customer service.


Ingenes was looking for a solution that would allow it to achieve its goal of working with high volumes of incoming and outgoing calls.


The role of managers in supervision and generation of reports was a priority to be faster and more productive.


The contact center software chosen had to allow Ingenes Institute to deal with patients both locally and remotely.

Ingenes is the main assisted reproduction institute in Mexico. They conduct patient research in genetics and human fertility and are backed by the Illinois Fertility Center as well as multiple LATAM organizations.

Our omnichannel software for Contact Center EVOLUTION, has become a key part of they day to day operations.


As the company was going through a high growth phase and was committed to improving the quality of customer care, they naturally selected our software EVOLUTION to support the achievement of their objectives of dealing with high volumes of inbound and outbound calls.

cómo integrar nuevo canal de comunicacion en el contact center


We recommended our local certified partner Liber-tia to conduct the implementation.

Together we developed an integration process with our various internal systems which enabled better patient management, both locally and remotely and always maintaining deployment costs at bay.

Thanks to the supervision and reporting module, Ingenes can make management decisions faster and avoid agent time wastage.


Our software EVOLUTION has met the expectations of the Ingenes Institute in terms of call center administration with a cost reduction, exhaustive campaign analysis and better data management.

Ingenes particularly enjoys how flexible the solution is to develop and configure forms, the interaction with inbound and outbound campaigns and the easy connectivity with other apps.

The flexibility of the software has enabled us to incorporate our requests fairly quickly, which makes ICR Evolution an essential component of our operation.