Case Studies

Success Story Grupo NEXT

Grupo NEXT specializes in data management services and offer solutions based on propietary technology to facilitate data-informed decision making.

Grupo NEXT trusts ICR Evolution because of their 25 years of experience in the market and the human touch they bring to technology projects.




Grupo Next was particularly interested in getting a better understanding of customer behavioural insights and which channels were most used to get in touch with them. The Contact Center is highly important to this client as it gives them a single view of their customer lifecycle: qualification, sales, customer care, loyalty, retention, debt collection and technical support. The ICR Evolution software being an omnichannel solution, it enables Grupo Next to provide their services in a single application.


Customer identification through ICR Evolution has been a big win for Grupo NEXT. If the customer’s pone number is registered in the database, the system will automatically bring up the customer history information. If the number isn’t recognized, a different window pops up for the agent to perform a search with a different parameter. If the caller is eventually identified as an existign customer, contact details can be updated and if not, the agent will be able to create a new customer.

Grupo NEXT has just moved on to integrating the ICR software with it corporate CRM system so that all the activity that goes on in the contact center can be reflected in their main business tool, giving them more control over customer experience throughout their journey.


Although the solution has been in production for less than two months, 80% of calls are already being handled by the EVOLUTION software, both inbound and outbound.

Next steps with Grupo NEXT include a full IVR design to automate certain transactions either fully or partially.