Case Studies

Success Story Funciona

Funciona is a home repair and assistance service provider working with a network of partners across Spain. They deal with high volumes of inbound calls in its contact center and chose our software EVOLUTION to also be able to extract data and apply it how they manage their business.   success story contact center


With high volumes of inbound contacts and a service provided across multiple cities, such as Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Bilbao and Valencia, Funciona needed a flawless contact center management software that would allow them to focus on providing excellent customer care whilst acting as a third party intermediary between customers and repair partners.


The main improvement brought on by implementing the EVOLUTION software is without a doubt the intelligent Computer Technology Integration which has enabled better communication with clients as well as better reporting which in turn, enables the efficient integration of telephony data with business intelligence tools.

By having a complete view of contact volumes, Funciona was able to adjust resource planning and significantly improve productivity.

In terms of business performance, Funciona now has more accurate customer data which their agents can see prior to dealing with a customer, in order to provide a higer quality service.


Thanks to the intelligent CTI functionality offered by the EVOLUTION software, Funciona has improved productivity across all their care channels both customer-facing and internally. They expect to be able to continue implementing business improvements by making the most of the data they can extract from ICR Evolution.