Case Studies

Success Story BBVA

BBVA is a financial services group present in Spain and Latin America with over 35 million customers across the world. Their business model relies on customer-centricity, growth focus and people support.


Our software EVOLUTION played a key role in their day to day Contact Center activities.


success story contact center


The group was looking for a cost effective software for their call centers that would be very flexible and act as a central link between the existing telecommunications infrastructure and the internal business applications.


BBVA uses our software EVOLUTION across various business areas:

Telephone Banking

Agents have all the information they need thanks to the perfect integration between the IVR system and the internal tools, resulting in better service and increased productivity.

Debt collection

The categorization and prioritization of customer contacts based on customizable business rules as well as the predictive dialer have enabled BBVA to optimize resources and make the process more agile.

Incident Management

The omnichannel incident platform now has CTI capabilities for a more efficient management.

Online multichannel CRM

The integration of CRM applications with telemarketing services is performed by EVOLUTION software. As such, contact with clients is made at the best possible time and the information is fed back into the CRM at the same time for better customer interactions.


Our software is also used by multiple providers of services to BBVA located in various cities and using Avaya and VoIP technology. This has given them all a high degree of flexibility and control over resource utilization and planning.