Contact center software. Metaverse and CX: welcome to the revolution. In an increasingly digital world, the line that separates the physical world from the virtual world is becoming thinner or more blurred. In this digital universe, technological evolution tends to seek different call center solutions to provide good customer service.

In this digital universe arises a concept that you may have heard of: the metaverse. A concept that is beginning to generate a lot of interest for companies and the customer experiences they provide. Do you know what it consists of? How does the metaverse influence customer experience? Read on, we’ll tell you more in this article!

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Software contact center: what is metaverse?

In order to understand what we are talking about, the first thing is to understand this concept. We have been hearing about this concept of “the metaverse” for a few months now, and yet, to this day, it is still difficult to understand. For many people, it even sounds like science fiction.

However, nothing could be further away from the truth: many companies are already beginning to take into account the metaverse as an opportunity to improve the Digital Customer Experience in call centers.

Then, what is the metaverse? The metaverse is understood as a virtual reality (or virtual world) where people come together to socialize, play, and work. Said with this words, it seems very simple, but by encompassing such diverse technologies or communication channels (from video games, through social media or augmented reality in marketing), the concept becomes complicated.

This is why the metaverse can become, as we will see a little later, the solution that many companies need to offer customer experiences like never before.

Software contact center: Metaverse & CX

We have already told you on numerous occasions the importance of the Digital Customer Experience when we talk about the digital transformation of companies. In fact, according to a study by Dimension Data, 84% of companies that work to improve the customer experience increase their revenue.

In this way, the metaverse is positioned as a very powerful “tool” to help companies create even more personalized experiences for customers. And this customization has an obvious result: user loyalty.

Software contact center: how to “link” metaverse and CX?

According to Gartner’s predictions, by 2026 it is estimated that 25% of the population will spend at least one hour a day in the metaverse for different reasons: work, shopping, education, socializing or simply entertainment. The consultant also explains that the metaverse will affect all those companies with which consumers interact on a daily basis.

Now, do we know how we can link it with Customer Experience? Some keys that justify why it is necessary to do so are the following:

  • Delve into the “economy of experience”, whose objective is to offer users products and services using emotional interactions (hence the importance of soft skills) so that they react positively and increase brand loyalty. In this sense, the metaverse allows a very high level of personalization: avatars chosen based on gender, age or interests.
  • Designing a customer journey in the metaverse: how will users enter? What places will interest them? Can we communicate with them in real time? Can we accelerate the “immersion journey” to reach the last point and acquire our product or service? It is, in short, about taking advantage of the metaverse to adapt them to the customer journey.
  • Measurement and security remain key in the metaverse. In this “new world” the importance of keeping user data safe must not be forgotten.

Software for customer service EVOLUTION, ¡let’s talk!

More and more customers consider the quality of their experience as key when choosing a brand, product or service.

At ICR we know how to help you, with our call center software tool adapted to your customer’s needs. Request a demo of our omnichannel contact center software! Talk later?

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