Our omnichannel Contact Center software was chosen by Housell to reinforce its omnichannel strategy, mainly due to its versatility and flexibility. With trueIT Systems we managed to integrate an email queue manager, with which they can monitor keywords to set priorities, meeting SLA’s.

Housell was born as an alternative to the traditional real estate agency, offering clients the possibility of selling their houses cheaply, quickly and transparently. The proptech was looking for omnichannel software that would allow them to optimize their Customer Service management. trueIT Systems, our partner, was in charge of launching the project, meeting Housell’s needs.


How we integrated our omnichannel Contact Center software EVOLUTION

“We introduce this mail queue manager, called Mail Queue, into the ICR Evolution platform. Now the client can see the mails before they reach the agents. In this way we can load priorities for these emails, meet these SLAs, automate processes and the client can ultimately ensure that these emails always reach the best possible agent”, details Jaime Rodríguez, Sales Director of trueIT Systems.

Aitana Arias, our CMO at ICR Evolution, adds: “At ICR Evolution, as software manufacturers, we adapt and consider technical requests from both partners and end customers. Housell chose ICR Evolution as our software offers a high degree of versatility. In addition, it allows you to accommodate the needs and support the growth of your Contact Center.” We have been working together with trueIT for years, building a relationship of trust that allows us to approach these projects knowing that success and customer satisfaction are guaranteed.


The future of customer service at proptech Housell

This responds to what Elena Morán, Housell’s Head of Operations and Customer Care Service, mentioned about the future of the company: “Housell is constantly growing. For us it is very important to have a tool that accompanies us with the different functionalities, such as WhatsApp or payments with PCI regulations.” In addition, she adds that, as part of this expansion process, they are going to automate the process for scheduling visits using WhatsApp, webchat or voice.

And she concludes: “From trueIT systems they are always willing to address these challenges with robust, creative and reliable solutions. Together with ICR Evolution, thanks to its flexibility, it allows us easy and controlled growth. With its excellent after-sales service, we feel accompanied and that really makes a difference”. If you want to know more about this success story, you can see a preview of the Case Study here and the complete video here.


Optimize your customer service center with our omnichannel software EVOLUTION

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About Housell

Housell is the real estate services technology company that is revolutionizing the way of doing business in the sector. Leader in real estate sales, Housell combines the most innovative technology with the experience of its more than 80 real estate experts at street level to accompany the user from start to finish. Housell has made buying and selling a home a transparent and yet comfortable process for its clients. Thanks to its platform, sellers and buyers can negotiate from individual to individual quickly, cheaply and without complications.


About trueIT Systems

True IT offers IT strategy and transformation services for organizations seeking to achieve high performance. They specialize in the contact center sector, allowing their clients to maximize their contact channels and optimizing their processes.


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