One more year, at ICR Evolution we are back on track with Evolution Talks II: all the latest news of the contact center sector from industry leaders. On this occasion, and thanks to the collaboration of TruelT Systems, Weber Solutions, Salesland and FIATC, we have created four videos on Mail Dispatching, Cloud Contact Center, Full Funnel and User Experience. Do you want to know what we are talking about? Keep reading!

Evolution Talks II de ICR Evolution: what are they?

As a manufacturer of omnichannel software for contact centers, at ICR Evolution we are committed to creating valuable content related to our sector. And the best way to do it is with the collaboration of experts from different areas related to Customer Experience and Contact Center.

In this way, and after the resounding success of our first edition, we are now back with Evolution Talks II: four informative capsules in which different experts address the topics mentioned above:

  • Mail Dispatch
  • Cloud Contact Center
  • Full-funnel
  • User Experience

Evolution Talks II: Mail Dispatching, Artificial intelligence & communication

Email is, without a doubt, one of the communication channels that is proliferating the most in recent years regarding customer service. Hence the importance of managing it in the most efficient way possible, helping customers and agents through cutting-edge technologies. One of these technologies is, precisely, the protagonist of one of the Evolution Talks: Mail Dispatching.

A technology that Álvaro Valeros, CEO at TruelT Systems, talks about in his video: “We apply AI (Artificial Intelligence) through Google machine learning, (…) so that we can categorize the contents of emails into different sets,” he explains, in order to send it to the optimal agent for its treatment.

Evolution Talks II: full funnel, key for CX

What are we talking about when we say full funnel? David Güeto, Director of Commercial Development at Salesland, explains it to us in his speech: “It is a comprehensive management model for the entire commercial process. We work from the awareness, consideration, preference and commercial closing parts, all in a unified way and considering these stages within a single process”. In short, a fundamental Evolution Talk for anyone related to the Customer Experience area.

Evolution Talks II: Cloud Contact Center, welcome to the cloud

One of the hottest topics in this edition of Evolution Talks is by Jorge Martín, founding partner of the Weber Group and one of the most experienced professionals in the cloud contact center sector. “Cloud computing services consist of relocating a service that is physically installed at the customer’s home, in an environment with a higher level of security and scalability capabilities”, he explains. A video that we at ICR Evolution consider key to learning about a trend that is getting stronger and stronger. The statistics speak for themselves: approximately 47% of companies in Spain already use cloud computing.

Evolution Talks II: user experience, always positive for our customers

The psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi defines flow as follows: the state in which one feels completely absorbed when performing an activity that gives us pleasure and enjoyment. A state that, as explained by Julio Alicarte, director of the Direct Channel and Digital Business at the insurance company FIATC, can also (and should) be applied in our sector: “The digital experience has to be this way: that it generates zero stress for the client”. This topic is, precisely, the protagonist of his Evolution Talk: user experience, another current topic that affects all sectors and areas.

Do you want to see our complete Evolutions Talks II? You can do it here!

ICR Evolution: about us

At ICR Evolution we develop solutions to improve the experience between organizations and their clients. We have a successful track record developing omnichannel software for contact centers. A career whose work has one goal: to make these relationships more agile, simple, effective and, ultimately, more productive.

Our EVOLUTION omnichannel software is, today, one of the most complete contact center solutions on the market. You want to know more? Request a demo here!


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