Case Studies

Success Story Contesta

Contesta is a Contact Center service provider with 1.100 employees and a 22M€ turnover in 2020. Our software EVOLUTION was chosen to perform their daily operations, with a powerful omnichannel platform.   success story contact center


As a BPO and contact center, Contesta has specific technology needs and selected ICR Evolution to support their omnichannel inbound contact strategy which includes a high First Contact Resolution rate, better sales and increasing social media customer service. It is essential for Contesta to maintain up-to-date technology systems that are designed to serve business processes, and not the other way round.

Being a third party provider means Contesta is also mindful of cost-effectiveness and found the best value for moeny in the market with ICR Evolution.


The implementation of ICR Evolution at Contesta has resulted in a high degree of interaction personalization in real time, thanks to screen pop-ups.

Supervisors are able to react quickly to any changes to the business and adjust call routing and prioritization strategies.

The omnichannel aspect of the software has proven very profitable for Contesta since they can serve customers where they are whilst still maintaining excellent productivity and reliable resource planning.


One of Contesta’s favourite ICR services is segmentation. With the EVOLUTION software, they can manage multiple smaller databases, giving them a lot more control over demand flows, the opportunity to optimize call queues, reducing handling times and ultimately giving more autonomy to campaign managers.

Over the years, ICR Evolution and Contesta have formed a close relationship, they see each other as long-term customer-centric partners who can trust each other. As such they continue to have regular reviews to identify new challenges and opportunities to improve Contesta´s use of the solution as well the ICR product roadmap.