Having a call center service can be expensive for some companies. This investment will be higher depending on the equipment, hardware (if it is cloud it does not have this cost) and software to be used, the number of agents, downtime or the platforms to be used.

However, there are solutions that will undoubtedly help you reduce costs in a call center without impairing the quality of customer service offered. In this post we will detail the costs of a call center and the best solutions to reduce them without sacrificing efficiency and performance.

Why is it crucial to optimize costs in your call center?

Profitability is something that every company looks for in its business. It is about finding the magic formula to obtain the best results with the least possible investment, and that is sustainable in the long term.

Keeping this objective in mind in every decision-making and strategy development is key if you want to achieve success, and it is essential for the growth and expansion of any business.

It is important to note that having a well-optimized call center generates a better employee experience, that is, better agent satisfaction and confidence. This is extremely important if you want to encourage talent loyalty and create a healthy and collaborative work environment. In addition, having a happy and committed team is essential to offer an efficient customer service, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

It is also important to note that a well-optimized call center helps improve efficiency in managing staff and administrative load. This allows a greater flow of dense tasks and enables the team to focus on other critical functions that impact the quality of customer service, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Call center cost

Costs in a call center can be very varied, depending on the needs and requirements of the business, but the most common include:


Staff costs are probably one of the biggest expenses of a call center. They include wages, benefits paid, health insurance and other employment benefits paid by the company. In addition, you must also take into account the costs of training and development of agents, a fundamental topic in which you must invest to guarantee a quality customer service.


Having a physical space can be an advantage for some call centers, but the truth is that it also involves a great cost, both for acquisition and maintenance. The infrastructure includes both the physical space and the costs of electricity, water, internet and other services. To sum up, it is an amount that should be considered.


Technology is also an important factor to consider. Telephone systems, software programs and other technological resources are essential to the operation of a call center. These systems can be expensive and may need to be upgraded over time, further increasing costs.

In addition to these direct expenses, there are other indirect expenses to take into account, such as those related to equipment maintenance and repair, communications and information management expenses, or hiring external services, such as consultants or contractors, to assist in the implementation and maintenance of the call center.

How to reduce expenses in a call center

To achieve better profitability in your call center, you must know the best practices to reduce expenses without losing effectiveness and quality. For this reason, we propose different solutions that will undoubtedly help you to be much more economically efficient:

Automation of customer service processes

Automating customer service processes can help reduce call center costs in several ways. On one hand, chatbots and IVR systems can handle a large number of customer interactions, reducing the need to hire additional staff. On the other hand, these systems can provide useful information to customers quickly and accurately. This improves the customer experience and reduces the number of calls that require agent intervention.

In addition, automating customer service processes helps reduce wait times and improves overall call center efficiency. IVR systems can handle a large number of calls simultaneously, allowing agents to focus on the most complex, highest-value calls.

Online presence optimization

Optimizing your call center’s online presence can be key to increasing visibility and attracting more potential customers. Some effective strategies include:

  • Social media integration: Remember that customers are increasingly moving their service interactions to social media. Therefore, it is essential to take them into account for a better reach and service in your call center.
  • Keyword optimization: Identifying keywords relevant to your business and optimizing content around them can improve search engine visibility. Thus, customers will be able to answer questions themselves, in many cases avoiding contacting the call center.
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Metrics Monitoring

Metrics monitoring is essential to optimize efficiency and reduce costs in the call center. Some important metrics to consider include:

  • Abandon Rate: The abandon rate measures the number of calls that are abandoned before the query is resolved. A high abandon rate may indicate a need to improve efficiency.
  • Call duration: An excessively long call duration may indicate a need to improve the quality of service. More training for agents may be a solution.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Conducting surveys and collecting customer feedback can help gauge satisfaction, identify areas for improvement, and optimize long-term efficiencies.

Call center in the cloud: the solution to reduce expenses

A call center in the cloud is a system that is hosted on external servers and accessed through the Internet, being an effective solution to reduce costs and improve efficiency in a call center.

One of the biggest advantages of using a call center in the cloud is the reduction of hardware costs. There is no need to invest in expensive hardware or infrastructure to store and maintain the system, saving even more money.

Another important advantage of a cloud call center is flexibility. With a cloud system, workers can access tools and systems from anywhere at any time, increasing efficiency and flexibility. This allows agents to work from anywhere, saving time and money on trips to offer a much more efficient and faster service.

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Scalability is another of the great advantages of a call center in the cloud.

This cloud system allows scaling and grater ability to adapt to changes in demand and business needs. Also,with no interruptions in customer service. This means that, when the company is experiencing an increase in demand, more workers and resources can be added to cover that need without having to invest in additional infrastructure.

Plus, updates and upgrades to a cloud call center happen automatically, saving time and money. Thanks to this, workers do not have to spend time and resources installing updates or solving technical problems, ensuring a better focus on what really matters: customer service. In addition, having this automatic update also means that the company will always be using the most up-to-date and advanced version of the system.

And finally: security. This aspect is usually one of the most typical pain points in any call center, so you must make sure you are using a quality software tool that guarantees the security of sensitive customer data and information. Having a call center in the cloud is usually a guarantee of success in this area, since in addition to complying with rigorous security standards, by storing the data on external servers, it means that, in the event of a disaster or a failure in the system, the information will still be available and accessible.

EVOLUTION: the call center software you need

Whether you are a company with a call center or if you are a BPO, and you want to have a tool that allows you to offer a customer service, telemarketing, collection management of the highest quality while reducing costs, we have exactly what you need.

Discover our call center software: a solution designed to meet all the needs of your phone and omnichannel customer service, improving the daily operations of your team and guaranteeing exceptional service to your customers. Do you want to know more? Contact us or request a demo!

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