We all know that agent satisfaction directly influences customer satisfaction. Without a good team that presents, advises and accompanies the sale of products, it is very difficult to achieve consumer satisfaction, which negatively affects both the conversion and the projection of the company toward the competitive market.

Therefore, investing in improvements that affect the day-to-day life of your contact center agents is essential. In addition, fostering a good work environment will not only have an impact on sales, but will also help you avoid wasting time or money looking for new staff, since your company’s talent will rotate less.

It is important to remember that in the customer service sector, phenomena such as burn-out, continuous turnover or lack of staff motivation are issues that any manager must know how to manage. Dealing with angry customers, repetitive inquiries or high volumes of calls is not always easy, so it is essential to have knowledge and tools that allow you to reverse this situation.

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How the employee experience boosts the performance of your Contact Center

  1. Reduces turnover rate

Employee turnover is something you want to avoid in your contact center. It lowers the morale of current agents, generates costs and has a negative impact on the service offered to the customer. In fact, the objective of any manager is just the opposite: to attract the best and most qualified employees. Remember, when investing time and effort in finding talented candidates, it is important to ensure that you offer stimulating and rewarding conditions for this new talent.

Also, if in the worst-case scenario a staff member finds a job opportunity that is difficult to turn down, if your company meets expectations, they are likely to recommend your company to other equally qualified professionals, thus facilitating the search process.

  1. Attracts more and better talent

Before a candidate applies for a position at your company, they will most likely have done their research beforehand. You may have even contacted team members to get their views, terms and policies so you can decide whether to join. Therefore, if you want to improve the results of your Contact Center, it is essential to have a strong corporate culture focused on an excellent employee experience.

  1. Fosters a much more collaborative environment between agents

Workers who are delighted with their job tend to be more interested in sharing their knowledge with other members of the company. Instead of viewing other workers as competition, they collaborate as peers. This change in attitude is very important, as it helps to reduce the workload, the distribution of information and, in general, enables a better work environment.

  1. Improve communication between manager and agent

When an agent starts from scratch, they want to know exactly what their tasks and responsibilities will be, and also what is the hierarchy that governs the company. Integrating methodologies that facilitate communication between departments and ranks is vital for better communication, trust and respect.

It is important to establish communication channels accessible to everyone and integrate open door policies so that possible questions, complaints and suggestions are formulated naturally. If you want your team to perform at their best, make sure they feel comfortable and supported at all times.

  1. Multiply customer satisfaction

It is clear that if the agent feels comfortable at work, the engagement with the client and, in general, the performance will be greater. After all, creating this link between company and worker also helps to create a feeling of belonging, which implies greater knowledge and interest in the products and services offered.

As a result, they are more likely to listen to what the customer is saying when they tell you they have a problem they want solved, work with them to find creative solutions, or bother to give them more time to answer other possible questions.

From the consumer’s point of view, having the support of a committed agent is decisive for closing the sale or not and, furthermore, it is key to achieve customer loyalty with the company.

ICR Evolution’s software helps you boost your Employee Experience strategy

At ICR Evolution we have a powerful omnichannel tool that will allow you to offer optimal service to your team while facilitating the generation and assessment of processes for your company.

  • Increase First Contact Resolution
  • Reduce agent burn-out
  • Advise your customers in a more complete and personalized way

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to answer any questions, we will be happy to help you improve the operation of your contact center with our software. Request a personalized demo now!

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