Case Studies

Success Story ICCS & Weber

At ICCS they are specialists in telephone sales and development of business processes through the Contact Center. They have been helping clients meet their business goals for more than 15 years. They offer solutions throughout the value chain: from recruitment actions, portfolio development and digital marketing and databases to collections and retention. 

Its differential value is the analysis and continuous improvement of operations thanks to the use of Business Intelligence, Speech Analytics and Quality Monitoring, providing valuable information that helps its clients to improve the sale of their services and other business indicators.

success story contact center


ICCS was looking for a contact center tool that would allow its final client to have more autonomy in the management of services and campaigns, and whose impact at cost level would be more efficient and competitive. The challenge consisted of changing an already existing and recognized technology in the market that was highly integrated with ICCS’s end-customer transactions for our EVOLUTION software, without the change affecting the production and operation of their campaigns. They were looking for a flexible and versatile solution from a technical and commercial point of view that would allow campaigns to be developed with greater autonomy and self-management. 

La tarea de Weber, nuestro partner tecnológico, consistió en replicar los desarrollos e integraciones en nuestra plataforma sin que el usuario notase la diferencia ni se viese repercutido a nivel operativo por el cambio, otorgando al cliente de ICCS una mayor capacidad de autogestión y una optimización de costes. 


After a preliminary consulting phase, our partner Weber adapted the ICR Evolution solution to the integration and development requirements of ICCS’s end customer, always guaranteeing business continuity and operational performance. In addition, Weber helped migrate the solution to a virtualization environment that would allow them to have a much more powerful and flexible system from the point of view of service continuity, with redundant servers in high availability.  

The project lasted approximately 1 year. Weber started with a pilot of ICR Evolution and the next step was to build the entire layer of specific developments for the integration of applications and self-management of its campaigns and services. In total, 600 agents were moved, between 15 and 20 clients and 200 campaigns. In a final phase, the entire migration to the new virtual machine environment was carried out. 


The impact has been fundamentally in terms of TCO and efficiency. The solution that ICCS had originally implemented entailed significant costs in the acquisition of maintenance licenses. In addition, it generated a series of hidden costs in the part of services that have disappeared with ICR Evolution, because practically everything is self-managed 

With ICR Evolution these costs have disappeared from the operational point of view and this is critical for a BPO, since it is clearer what the cost of the technology is to calculate the margin and its profitability, with the peace of mind that there won’t be surprises.