We know that customers are willing to spend more on brands that provide superior customer service. This not only means that they are treated well when they call on the phone, but also that the perception of the quality of the customer experience begins in the sales process and continues throughout the customer’s life cycle. Therefore, it is essential that all departments and particularly those of marketing, sales and contact center collaborate in their initiatives to bring more coherence to the customer experience and enhance customer satisfaction.

The truth is that many times it is difficult to work side by side with different departments. How many times have you received a call to sell you a product without realizing that you had made a complaint before? If you work in a contact center, we are sure that, more than once, you have received inquiries about a new product and you did not have the necessary information to help the customer. Or perhaps you have not been notified of a marketing campaign in time so that you can train the agents properly.

It is clear that the lack of internal communication between departments (marketing, sales and customer service) causes a disastrous customer experience and damages the relationship with customers.

Here you have 5 ways to better communicate internally and enhance success in your contact center:

1. Use a CRM to keep updated all customers data

Your CRM is the central tool for a consistent customer experience from end to end. Therefore, you must have in a single view of all customer data, such as product preferences, sales results or contact history. Taking this into account, it will be much easier for an agent to know which campaigns have received the lead and to propose an effective cross-selling.

It is very important to be able to easily integrate your business applications such as a CRM or ERP with your omnichannel contact center software. At ICR Evolution we provide you with the APIs and webservices necessary for this integration to be fast and efficient.

2. Take advantage of social media to get even closer to your customers

If your company is present in social media, we ahve no doubts that you receive inquiries through those channels and possibly these questions are coming directly as comments in posts, which are usually managed by the marketing team. In this case, it is very important that these responses are aligned with customer service to maintain a unified message across the different channels and so that the query can be integrated into the contact history.

With ICR Evolution, you can reach clients on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook Messenger and Telegram in a fluid and integrated way, using predetermined responses and accessing the client’s history without limitations so that they have all the artillery at hand.

3. Set up inter-department meetings to share news 

The more the teams communicate, the better the outcome for the client. A weekly meeting allows everyone to know what news and campaigns are being carried out as well as the difficulties that customers are having with a particular process or service. Of course, the meeting itself is not enough, each team will have to use the information to improve their operating modes and anticipate the client’s needs. But, without any doubts, starting a regular communication will improve the alignment of all three teams.

4. Establish a feedback process of the customer’s voice 

The contact center can be the richest source for customer feedback, beyond even a satisfaction survey. Customers contact our contact center because they have a query, a complaint or sometimes a comment about your business and this information is very valuable for all departments. Take advantage of both the data collected in your contact center tool and what agents can tell you about customer opinions to improve your products and services. Doing this you will be putting the customer at the center of your actions, the agents will feel more important and the customers too!

5. Take a look at how leads are transferred 

Removing the disconnection between sales and customer service is essential to ensure customer happiness and permanence with your business. The biggest problem is usually that the information communicated in the sales process is different from the one given in the contact center, creating problems and confusion for everyone. Simply providing the same training and information to all teams will greatly improve the situation.

In the contact center, the fact of creating a well-defined argument, with the precise information of the products or services offered will help agents have it easier, making sure that the information is coherent so that they can close more sales. At ICR Evolution we have a tool that will allow you to create these scripts quickly and easily.

We hope these tips are useful for you to improve the relationship between departments. Remember that customer success can only truly be achieved by forgetting about the isolation between departments, and reinforcing the relationship as a single team. Without any doubt, this will also greatly improve the experience of your contact center employees, avoiding frustration and cooperating with an easier sales closing.


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