Cloud IVR in a call center software. As a center specialized in the management of incoming and outgoing calls of a company, a call center faces different challenges and situations with customers. One of the main “problems” has to do with managing the volume of calls, which is normally very high.

In this sense, and always with the aim of offering the best customer experience, the day to day in a call center must be agile, effective and offer impeccable customer service. Don’t forget: the most important thing is the customer and his/her satisfaction.

Good management of the voice channel can be, without a doubt, the detail that makes the difference when we talk about increasing sales and retaining customers at the lowest possible cost. That is why it is so important to have a call system that can be integrated into the call center software such as IVR call blasting, which we already mentioned in a previous post.

Today, however, we go a step further to talk about this system, but integrated “in the cloud” (Cloud Call Center). For this reason, today we are talking about what is known as Cloud IVR. What is it and why is it important to integrate it into call center software? Keep reading!

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IVR: what is IVR in the call center?

As we told you in one of our latest posts, IVR (or Interactive Voice Response) is a very effective call center solution for automated agents to interact with customers.

Although it is true that this call center solution has existed for a long time, the development of new technologies means that this contact system through the use of voice has evolved significantly. Within the call center and contact center sector, we find several technologies that have given a very important boost to customer service: CRM, artificial intelligence or AI or the one we mentioned before, the cloud.

And precisely we want to focus on this latest technology, a very interesting option for call center management and that has led to the evolution of IVR towards an IVR Cloud system.

What is Cloud IVR and what impact does it have on a call center?

Before knowing the impact (spoiler alert: it’s positive) and benefits of the Cloud IVR in a contact center, we must define what is it exactly. An Cloud IVR is a call center solution similar to the conventional IVR Call Blasting but with one very important difference: in the case of the Cloud IVR, as its name indicates, it is hosted and operates in the cloud.

This means that companies can manage calls with total security from the Internet.

Cloud IVR: which are its benefits?

In addition to the aforementioned security issue, IVRs in the cloud allows much more flexibility than traditional ones, which entails different benefits:

  • Improved customer service by reducing the number of incoming call transfers and prioritizing user self-service.
  • Call Recording: Securely record conversations to improve call quality or as legal proof for sales.
  • Reduced rate of SPAM calls: An intelligent IVR allows only quality calls to come through. Or in other words: filters any phone number that could be SPAM automatically
  • Advanced call route design, streamlining the service by redirecting the call to the most appropriate agent and, therefore, reducing times and increasing FCR (First Contact Resolution).
  • Easy integration within contact center and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software.
  • Reduction of operating costs: an IVR in the cloud has a much lower cost compared to the IVR on premise or internal.

IVR and call center software in the cloud: the solution your company needs

Take the experience of your customers to the next level by improving telephone service. Our contact center software allows you to integrate IVR to maximize the productivity of your agents.

Find out how our call center software can help you. Let us show you why EVOLUTION is the best solution to manage your customer service.

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