Customer Service is a vital part of any business. Customers expect to receive a fast, efficient and personalized service, and this is where the CRM you use in the contact center plays a crucial role.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a software that allows companies to manage interactions with customers and provide a complete view of the history of the relationship with them. A CRM integrated into Contact Center software allows agents to serve multiple customers simultaneously and provides a comprehensive solution for call management.

However, you may not be taking full advantage of this great contact center tool yet. Therefore, here are some tips to optimize the CRM and improve the functions of your contact center.

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The importance of an optimized CRM in the Contact Center

The main goal of CRM optimization is to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. CRM optimization allows agents to have access to important information about customers and specific processes and procedures, which allows them to offer a much more personalized and efficient service.

In addition, optimizing the CRM allows your Contact Center software to be more powerful. It gives companies the possibility of tracking leads as well as collecting and analyzing all the valuable data about customers and their service experience, to identify areas for improvement and to be able to offer a better user experience.

Finally, it is also essential to increase agent productivity:

  • Automation. CRM tools can automate many redundant support tasks, freeing up agents’ time.
  • Productivity monitoring. The CRM records detailed information about staff performance. Therefore, managers can track the quality of agent interaction in real time, addressing potential issues as they occur.
  • Learning improvement. Agents will have detailed information about their own interactions, allowing them to make up for their errors and identify areas of opportunity.

5 tips to optimize your contact center CRM and improve customer service

1. Systems integration

Systems integration is essential to obtain a complete view of the customer and improve the efficiency of the contact center. That is, the link of your CRM with the Contact Center software. In addition, connecting these solutions will allow agents and managers to access purchase history, preferences, and previous solutions to quickly resolve any issues that may occur.

2. Personalization of the customer experience

The CRM integrated into the Contact Center allows agents to personalize the customer experience and offer specific solutions for each occasion. The collection of data about customers, such as their purchase history, preferences and previous queries, makes it easier for the team to solve problems or answer queries, while also offering much faster and more effective service, leading to a better experience for the consumer (and an increase in their loyalty).

3. Automation of processes

Process automation is an effective way to improve contact center efficiency and reduce wait times for customers. Having a good integration of the CRM and the contact center software will allow you to automate those repetitive tasks, such as answering frequently asked questions with an IVR, generating reports and assigning tasks to specific agents. In addition, automation also helps agents make informed decisions based on real data, as they can access information in real time and receive alerts about problems or errors.

4. Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring is key to improving contact center efficiency and ensuring customer satisfaction. It allows managers to monitor calls in real time and assess the quality of service provided by the team. Plus, real-time monitoring makes it easier to identify and resolve issues much faster.

5. Data analysis

The CRM integrated with your Contact Center offers a large amount of data that can be used to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. The collection and analysis of data on customer behavior, call trends and wait times, among others, allows companies to make informed decisions and improve their Customer Service. In addition, data analysis also allows companies to identify problem areas and implement solutions to solve them.

Best Practices to Optimize the CRM of your contact center

1. Personalize the interaction

In-depth customer data capture is one of the most important features offered by modern CRM experiences.

Still, many companies neglect to train customer service agents on how to use data effectively. Every time an agent interacts with a potential consumer, they must know how to use data intelligently to build a much closer and more effective relationship, and thus promote more sales.

2. Tracking customer satisfaction

It is important to measure customer satisfaction and use the results to improve the customer experience. This process can be carried out through surveys, data analysis or through suggestions from the clients themselves.

3. Training and motivation of agents

Agents are the visible face of Customer Service, so their performance directly affects how the consumer sees the company. Therefore, it is important to train agents in the effective use of both CRM and Contact Center software and motivate them to provide high-quality service.

4. Create performance reports with your integrated CRM

CRM provides valuable data that can (and should) be linked to Contact Center KPIs and analytics, in aggregated data reports. Many systems allow managers to compare performance between people on the team, see which agents have optimal response rates, resolution times, and other performance metrics. This promotes accountability among agents, reminding them that every interaction with customers is critical.

5. Collaboration

It is important to encourage collaboration between departments and agents to ensure a high-quality service experience. The collaboration will allow agents to have access to the information and resources necessary to provide efficient and satisfactory service to the customer.

CRM can be integrated with an IVR and run outbound campaigns to automate work that would otherwise require a live agent to do it repeatedly. Some examples include:

  • Scoring leads based on data and behavior
  • Contact Lost Customers
  • Personal Information Correction
  • Provide account information


Effective automation frees up your support staff from hours of work that they would otherwise have to spend on repetitive tasks.

Why Cloud Software is the Solution You Are Looking For

There are many reasons why CRM software in the cloud can be the perfect solution to optimize Customer Service in a contact center. Some of the advantages include:

  • Accessibility: You can access a CRM software in the cloud from anywhere and at any time. That means agents can access customer information and necessary processes and procedures no matter where they are.


  • Scalability: A software in the cloud can be easily scaled to suit the needs of the company, which means that there is no need to invest in additional hardware or hire more staff to maintain the software.


  • Reduced costs: By using software in the cloud, companies can reduce licensing, hardware, and maintenance costs.


  • Better security: Cloud software providers invest in advanced security technology to protect customer information, which means data is more secure in the cloud than on-premises.


  • Integration: Cloud software can be easily integrated with other systems, which means that agents can access customer information and necessary processes and procedures without having to switch between different systems. See how we do it with EVOLUTION Connect.

Integrate CRM with our contact center software

Now you know all the advantages of CRM integration and optimization, but do you already have software capable of offering you this integration? Discover our EVOLUTION contact center software. You will be able to natively integrate with Salesforce, Zoho and Dynamics thanks to EVOLUTION Connect. For other management systems, we have powerful APIs that make work easier. More integration developments coming soon!

A powerful omnichannel tool with which you can integrate your CRM to further optimize the experience of your customers and the productivity of your team. Whether you are a BPO or if you have a customer service team, telemarketing or collection management. Contact us for more information or request a demo!


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