Customer engagement is used to specifically describe the experience of each customer’s interaction with a brand. We could say that is a concept associated with customer experience, but especifically for each interaction. In this article we are going to explain which are the strategies that generate more customer engagement with the consumer so that you take it into account in your Contact Center and make your customers happier.


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1. In inbound calls, demonstrate experience from the beginning

We tend to trust people, we value their opinions and contributions. So one option is for an advisor to try to develop this trust early on. The initiation of a conversation is the most important part, since when we hear someone introducing themselves for the first time we get an idea of them, and we try to confirm this impression throughout the conversation. If an advisor indicates his/her job title at the beginning of the conversation, he/she shows experience and authority, and also says, for example: “Can you tell me your name and client reference number, please?” By asking this type of question, you play with the “status quo bias,” which leads us to our second customer interaction strategy.

2. Guide the customer through the call

Generally, we don’t like changes, we prefer to continue with the things we always do. So a question like the one discussed helps guide you to try to solve the problem more quickly. Our EVOLUTION software can be a good ally. It will help you respond consistently and quickly thanks to the use of default templates. And in an omnichannel way, so you will be more efficient in all contact platforms with your customers and users.

3. Use the push theory

“Push Theory” refers to the fact that, between two options, we often choose the easiest and most comfortable one versus the one that might be the most appropriate. It is best to use an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to encourage telephone channel customers to use the online service. How? Trying to make your online experience much more attractive and simple. This also helps the contact center workload.

4. Manage silences

So as not to keep the customer uncomfortable in front of your silence. You can:

  1. Explain what you are doing at this time. “I’m looking to see if your contract, …”.
  2. Use silence to inform the customer of special promotions.
  3. Improve knowledge systems to reduce periods of silence.
  4. Tell the user: “If I’m silent for a few seconds, it’s because I want to make sure I have accurate and up-to-date information for you. It is okay for you?”. The normal thing is that it says: “No problem”.

5. End the conversation with a commitment

It is best to ask if we have helped you with what you needed, the customer will surely answer “yes”. And then we will add that in the following hours you will receive an e-mail with a few brief questions about today’s conversation, “would you complete it for me, please?”. Surely say “yes”. It is a method to increase the conduct of the survey.

6. Make sure the environment is attractive

If the advisor is happy, so are the clients. If the advisor is commited, so will be the users. This is the ideal culture to achieve employee engagement. This will result in a good customer experience. We must involve the Contact Center team. We can encourage them by saying that they imagine the situation of the customers, when they speak on the phone and meet an unhappy advisor, or when they meet a happy one. This is how we activate mirror neurons.

Covid-19 has accelerated digital transformation, also for the consumer

Now there are more consumers who look for the online channel, and they also spend more hours on the Internet. The digital transformation has accelerated the incorporation of e-commerce by people with profiles less prone to online shopping – such as elderly people -. There are those who have started to use this channel and those who are convinced that they will buy more online.

Many companies, with this new situation, are already aware of the importance of omnichannel. E-commerce should be your ally and not your enemy.

Advantages of having your e-commerce:

  1. You can carry out a niche strategy, you can advertise at a lower cost and reach your target.
  2. It helps increasing productivity, to be more efficient and competitive and to reduce costs.
  3. You can count on a logistics capable of distributing orders in record time. So, a neighborhood business can sell for miles of miles and get its product to the customer in a few hours.

The e-commerce sector brings comfort, especially during a pandemic like the one we are experiencing, so the best thing for a physical store is to bet on being also in the digital sector. From ICR Evolution we can help you to have your customers satisfied with the care received. Change the way you interact with them and serve them from any device thanks to our Contact Center software.


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